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  • Suggested design for the site

    I'll post it here as it will get more views (and feedback). It is a quick mockup so some elements don't align well and there's the lack of sections but it's ok for a quick overview.

    The content of phoronix is great so I just focused the mockup to redesign the look and feel and redistribute the elements to a more concise view.

    This design can be easily modificable to a mobile-like view with HTML5 viewports.

    Feel free to use it without any credit if you like it.

    Sorry for my English.

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    Hi again, I've setup an online demo of how Phoronix would look like with my mockup. It's a quick demo made in my free time so don't expect it to be production ready, it may have visual bugs.

    Currently it's only the frontpage of Phoronix. It's made with HTML5, CSS3 and no extra javascript libs, so the load is fast and navigation is fluid. The design is attractive and the website is lightweight, it's also adapted for small screens like mobile and tablets'.

    Inspired by webupd8 and omgUbuntu websites I present to you my concept for Phoronix, see it at


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      To me it actually looks rather nice and shows potential, nice job.
      Michael Larabel