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wishlist: benchmarking software OpenGL rendering pipeline

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  • wishlist: benchmarking software OpenGL rendering pipeline

    Hi Phoronix, thank you for your persistence in benchmarking Linux, I believe the site has evolved a lot and articles are becoming more and more useful for OSS, it has certainly helped catching interesting regressions!

    What I would like to see next is a benchmark of software rendering pipeline in the various MESA versions (even before llvmpipe). I understand this affects only a minority, but as a user of old machinery with deprecated hardware I'm fairly certain that things have become slower. It's good that feature-wise OpenGL is way better but I'm afraid that code bloat has had an impact.

    FYI software rendering can be forced even on accelerated platforms by exporting LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1. Obviously the benchmark will have to include only OpenGL 1.4 tests, since 2.0 and greater is only recent in the software pipeline. Thanks!