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    Originally posted by brad0 View Post
    He said in his own words that his business model does not work and is broken.
    No he says the complete oposite because he pointet out that quality is not his business model he clearly pointet out he can only make money because he pushes quantity and this works for his paycheck!

    But sure people without any reading skills read this as: no business model at all...

    But in fact he earns money for his work.


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      Originally posted by brad0 View Post
      He is also an extreme pessimist.
      No the only big fat pessimist in the room is your personality.

      For michael its fine to push 10 000 news instead of 5000 with higher quality ............... just because he need the money of the 10 000 articles.

      And in my point of view : 99% of the phoronix readers are fine with that fact!


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        Originally posted by moilami View Post
        Great. Now plz help me in immigration to Mother Germany
        really? ... what is your intension ?