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Soliciting Feedback On The New Phoronix Design

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  • Soliciting Feedback On The New Phoronix Design

    Phoronix: Soliciting Feedback On The New Phoronix Design

    As mentioned last month on Phoronix, a major revision to is in-development. Prior to the launch later this month, your feedback on the latest concepts are appreciated...

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    Seven ads per article. That's cool, I guess.


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      Menues on the right?

      I prefer my menues on the other side (the left one).


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        Change for the sake of change.
        I fail to see the benefits of this...


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          As long as they don't get in the way, I don't care about that.

          I am curious, Michael are the page widths set to 100% all the way around? Like will left align text be basically at the very right edge of my screen or is it more like the current design where things are more centered? Personally I'm a fan of centered content, see:


          Its less eye movement and just looks more concise.

          Other feedback: Article title and the "4 July, 2013 Gaming blah blah Written by Michael Larabel" How does it look if you center it above the article text instead of left aligned?

          I like that you're going for minimalism and making the content be front and centered, thats great, but personally I don't think its quite there just yet.


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            I really didn't like the 100% width, it's really hard to read.
            And the design looks pretty amateur and unorganized, just get flat Bootstrap and change the colors.

            BTW, will the the new design properly support Phoronix "Premium"?!


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              Too many ads.
              Too many graphical ads (text-based are less intrusive).

              Site is too wide, it makes the text difficult to read.
              Site lacks article images.
              All worlds in header capitalized is annoying.


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                This looks clean and not hopelessly dated:

                The poster who said "change for the sake of change" I'm guessing isn't into web design - phoronix looks awkward and extremely dated. I'm personally gonna miss the 90s throwback though


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                  Dynamic Page Width?


                  I would appreciate if the page covered 100% of the browser window width.

                  If somebody finds wide text hard to read - well, they can always make the window narrower. I prefer to see all the contents I can see without having to scroll the page - obviously, as long as the layout isn't too cluttered and guides the eye with pleasing graphics design.

                  BTW, I turned off AdBlock on Phoronix after reading a request from the phoronix author that the readers should do so and the site looks really ugly with ads. I guess all sites would look ugly with ads. They are so annoying! But yeah, they pay for the sites' existence. It would be great if AdBlock had an option to download the ads (so that advertisers are happy) but not annoy me with them (so that I am happy, too). Hell, I should just suggest this to the author of AdBlock.


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                    I too think I prefer the old layout, particularly the banner. I think the additional width is nicer, but I don't think the width should be the span of the whole page.