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    Happy Birthday Phoronix/PTS!!!

    You've taken the top spot on my list of visited sites, possibly tied with the mesa-dev archives.


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      Happy Birthday, Phoronix.

      I first started coming here for news about the (vapourware) Unreal Tournament 3 client and often got side tracked with much more interesting things while here. Now I check the headlines several times a day. Always something to read that keeps me from getting work done


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        Originally posted by speculatrix View Post
        I think it's unfair to use adblock with a full pre-defined ruleset as it deprives sites you enjoy of revenue.

        Although I use adblock I only selectively block ads when they are so intrusive they make a site unusable.
        Ads are annoying, intrusive, are a vector for malware, and track your browsing behaviour. I enable certain ads that I know are unintrusive and don't track my movements, but ad networks like adsense and stuff like that are just a risk to security and privacy. I'd much rather give sites I like small bitcoin donations now and then than watch annoying animated gifs and <shudder> flash minigames. A static clickable banner with no moving parts, only images/text, that'd be fine. Everything else needs to go away yesterday.

        I wish there was a way to "trick" the ads so that they would be loaded to memory, so that they think they're being displayed, but wouldn't actually show up on the browser. That'd be a cool way to get a clean browsing experience and support good sites at the same time. Now someone should just implement that as a firefox plugin...


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          Congrats Michael!

          Originally posted by speculatrix View Post
          a pretty remarkable run, when many other linux-centric sites have failed or got lost (linuxdevices, I'm looking at you by way of example).
          You know it returned as linuxgizmos right?


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            Thanks guys!
            Michael Larabel


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              Rock on, Michael


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                What will the next nine years look like? It's exciting to wonder!

                Congrats Michael, and thanks for all the hard work.
                I may be negative sometimes, but your work definitely changed the linux landscape for the better. If you're ever in Portugal, there's a beer with your name on it.

                Really glad to be member #18 in the forums


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                  Happy Birthday! Congrats Michael! Keep up good job!

                  Sorry for late.