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    Yeah, I still don't understand. The guys with Flashblock or AdBlock or whatever get "guys, come on. Throw us a bone." I don't use that stuff, Flash just craps out because it doesn't work worth a crap and I get "hey, you're stealing!"

    Unless I'm missing something, that's not stealing. Think of this: it's the holiday season, you go to Wal-Mart or $LARGE_STORE and see the Salvation Army at the entrance taking donations. You realize that you have zero cash, only credit/debit cards. You're not going to throw your credit card in the donation container, are you? Of course not. So you walk by without making a donation.

    Did you steal from them? No. You didn't give them any money, but you sure as hell didn't take money from their donation container.

    Look, guys, I'm not blocking your adds. I'm not blocking Flash. I'm not NOT clicking on your adds to be an asshole. Flash craps out, so nothing gets displayed, and I cannot interact with anything that SHOULD be displayed.

    So, I don't know, maybe instead of accusing me of stealing you could go to your advertising partners and see if they could use .jpeg's, .gif's, .png's, or $IMAGE_FILE for the advertisements instead of God-awful Flash that doesn't fucking know how to play well with browsers that aren't Firefox?


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      yeah, so I made konqueror flash aware. I get some white rectangles. I right click on them and get the usual standard adobe flash menu - but nothing is displayed. My fault? I don't think so.

      The standard google ads are displayed. So I don't feel like stealing.


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        I use Firefox and AdBlock, but I did donate


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          I've never gone out of my way to block ads (except in retaliation for some sites that go out of their way to be annoying).

          But I do use swfdec, so most flash ads don't work for me anyway. If you've got a problem with that... patches are welcome


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            Originally posted by tronath View Post
            I use Firefox and AdBlock, but I did donate
            Thank you kind reader
            Michael Larabel


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              Seriously, I had all the non popup ads enabled up to this day, because I don't mind seeing the ads at all.
              Today though I blocked out all the googleads links, since there was one single advertisement that was driving me fkin mad.

              It's a German ad for some non-trustworthy "deathwatch" site where you "answer question" and then it "tells you how long you're going to live". Well, at least the add already mentions the fee of 5 bucks and the subscription that you take with it and you don't have to go to the site to see that bullshit.
              The ad shows a little grimreaper and whenever it pops up, you hear that annoying thing laughing, high pitched...
              Whenever your mouse touches the ad you hear that annoying laughing sound and also randomly when you read something on the site...

              I tried to block out just the add but thanks to the architecture of google ads, you have to block out all the googleads sites, well, maybe feeding the site to the firewall would have worked too, but i don't feel like experimenting with that stuff when i can just block it out so easy...

              If the sound would at least be optional and turned off by default then it'd be okay, but nah, you have to hear that thing... and believe me, i heard it at least 100 times over the past few days...

              I also kind of hate the animated ads that try to mimic a game.

              So to summarize this, ads yes, intrusive ads no....

              It also seems like not all your ads are by googleads, since I still see some non annoying once, like one for "" and naother one by sun. Also one for some english course and multiple ones for google chrome... I'd think that the chrome ones would run through google ads, but google ads is devinately blocked...
              So apparently the ads i see come from "*" and "*"
              And the annoying ones were from "*"
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                ^ googlesyndication is ok, that server is only used for google's text ads. Doubleclick though... I see they haven't changed their ways even after being bought by google. Still as annoying as ever.

                I can only imagine the horror when ad servers like DC discover <video> tags a few years from now... let's hope firefox 3.6 has a global mute button by then.


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                  Bad add covering text/menus site unuseable

                  Since today I saw a bad add (something like `the folks in IT are heroes') that drops down over the text, but does not disappear (the area covered by the drop down stays white). Therefore I can't read half of the text of news items and the forum is quite unreadable as well.

                  I hope something is done about these kind of adds. While I don't mind looking at adds, they shouldn't make the site unusable.

                  edit: installed an add blocker specially for this add, it seems to block the add (haven't blocked other adds though). Oh.. and using Firefox 3.0.13 in Ubuntu for what it matters.
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                    Sorry to nag guys, but these new text pop-up ads are quite an eyesore..
                    I have admiration for, and i now projects like this cost money
                    - but when crap likes this goes down, it's hard to keep coming back.
                    If i wanted to playing "dodge the advert" , i'd boot up Xp and play
                    Plants Vs Zombies.


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                      stevenaaus, you could always pay - that way you don't get adverts.