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The Most Popular Linux Stories Over Eight Years

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  • The Most Popular Linux Stories Over Eight Years

    Phoronix: The Most Popular Linux Stories Over Eight Years

    In commemorating the end of the Mayan calendar, here's a look at the most popular Linux stories that have been published on Phoronix since its inception in 2004...

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    2.6.28 and ext4 stable feels like yesterday.
    This got so rapidly adapted, that nobody really noticed the change. I remember running CentOS on some machines and people were complaining when they finally switch to ext4

    Biggest part is probably AMD/ATI and release of their documentation, this was the best move ever! Not mentioned that they also release documentation to their chipsets and support for Coreboot. *thumbs up*


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      Us RadeonHD guys really did change the world, didn't we. Too bad that ATI and some so called open source community members had to play such nasty games... Otherwise we would see HP laptops shipped with SuSE and the open source drivers preloaded today... Now all we get is HP laptops preloaded with SuSE running fglrx, exactly what ATI wanted all along.

      The ATI documentation bit was the biggest news indeed, but that went out of the window at the same time RadeonHD got scrapped. Luckily the AMD GPGPU people kept the shader ISA flowing out, which makes me wonder what sort of nasty political games are still being played at AMD internally today... It will definitely not be without some AMD-ATI oldtimer struggle.