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  • Why no links?

    So I'm reading the Fedora 8 Test 2 News at and I'm looking all over for the link to the release announcement and I can't find one?

    Yesterday I was reading the news about the new AMD drivers at and was looking through all the links in that story for the link to the actual drivers, and couldn't find one either.

    Every time I read a Phoronix news story I'm interested in, I'm supposed to go use Google right after to find more out about what it was talking about?

    Just a thought, but a link here or there might be nice... or make them more prominent if I'm being stunned and just not seeing them?

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    Well, I clearly see the links in the latest two articles, so, heh, yay!

    I'm liking this site more and more... Slashdot is just trolling for hits now, Ars Tech and Tech Report are good, but I like the Linux focus here, and the more technical topics. I have quit stopping by the list archive to read up on what's new since I subscribed to the RSS feed for Phoronix


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      Welcome to the forums.

      For new software releases, mailing list announcements, etc we always link to the original/related source it's usually just on our articles (not news) where the links may not be so present. We will look at more "Related Links" features in the future.
      Michael Larabel