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Upcoming Linux Benchmarks For July 2012

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    Requesting Benchmarks


    I sent and email, never got any response, now i can't find the sent item, forum it is

    If you could do some decode playback tests, codec vs codec.
    Ogg Theora vs FLV vs WebM vs WMV vs XviD and Divx. VP8 is webM now right?

    Basically, CPU usuage, GPU usage, memory usage, power draw, all the usual with tomato ketchup and mayonaise please

    All done in Linux by preference, with VLC player. Add other OS / systems for reference as yo please.



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      Other ideas for benchmarks/articles:
      - Explore the performance difference of the Radeon driver with a fairly decent card (e.g. Radeon 6800) when you switch between power management profiles (E.g. Low, High, Default (usually same as high), and Dynpm).
      - Do the same with CPU-governors when exploring gaming performance to try to show if the radeon drivers (or nouveau/intel) are CPU limited, GPU limited, or other.
      - See if there's a difference in Radeon/Nouveau/Intel gaming performance when the S3TC library is installed/used. You may have to be overseas to legally do this, but you'll be in Nicaragua soon and I'm betting you'll bring a laptop
      - Does PTS have any sound-server related benchmarks? It'd be cool to see latency and CPU-usage measurements for ALSA/Pulse/Jack/etc, as I've had noticeable lag in MythTV on an older system in Pulse, but it seems better on my Llano.
      - When wayland is ready, a Wayland How-To would be good. A guide to installing/using Wayland on top of Ubuntu/Fedora/whatever. This would be a bit more time intensive than most of your other articles.
      - What is the oldest machine you have? How is the user experience and performance if you install Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 on it.
      - It's probably not ready yet, but eventually some tests of Clover vs Nvidia/AMD OpenCL.
      - Mountain Lion (OS 10.8) is coming out in July, and benchmarks of that would be nice.
      - Have you ever done any tests/walkthroughs/benchmarks of Plan 9 or Haiku?
      - How are OpenIndiana and Illumos doing these days?
      - Have you done any tests of WebGL and WebCL so far?