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Petition to Ban Qaridarium

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  • log0
    You are wasting your time calim. Q seems to be incapable of introspection as he doesn't recognize how antisocial his behavior is.

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  • calim

    You're not getting banned.

    Now try to be a little more considerate towards the forum users, they're sensitive; try to be less impulsive and wait for excitement or anger to subside before you post something that could be perceived as offensive.

    Ah well, I guess one of the 100 replies here will have said something similar already ... why *is* this thread so active ? Just think about it ...
    People only see your posts, not the real, full you. They're not out to get you or have something against you personally, just the image they build of you from what you're writing.

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  • Qaridarium
    Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
    Or in other words: "Waaaaah, mama, they're doing the same things I do! Make them stop!"
    Maybe but I can assure you I'm much more advanced in this kind of games compared to the other people here.

    And i can even write this openly without any fear here because people like: Michael and Bridgman already know my skill in "Rhetoric" and "Logic" and "The Art of Being Right".

    I'm a Grandmaster of word Fighting and this is not 'Arrogant cocky' many people admit this to me many times.

    So have fun with the pathetic attempt to beat me.

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  • AnonymousCoward
    Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
    I send this message directly to Michael:
    Or in other words: "Waaaaah, mama, they're doing the same things I do! Make them stop!"

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  • Qaridarium
    Originally posted by Linuxhippy View Post
    ban both. Quridarium nonetheless is very annoying.
    I pointed out to a friend that this sentence must be wrong and i get this answer:

    A anonymous friend: "(sarcasm)OH NO!(/sarcasm) (cynicism)He has built a sentence which would seem out of place in a highly formal publication(/cynicism). (irony)how terrible!(/irony)"

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  • Qaridarium
    Originally posted by rafirafi View Post
    This is not going to work...
    i don't ask for unrealistic scenarios .......

    he banned 1000 of those people in the past

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  • rafirafi
    Originally posted by banQaridarium View Post
    Originally posted by banQaridarium View Post
    Stop worrying about your German beer
    Originally posted by banQaridarium View Post
    The Stig.
    This is not going to work...

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  • dlpullen
    Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
    i call for ban "Linuxhippy" because his "nonetheless=?" is very annoying....

    ok i do not even unterstand the word "nonetheless" in this meaning.

    do you mean nonsense ?
    This is exactly why people have a problem with you. He said something you did not understand. You responded by calling it annoying...

    Does anyone else see something wrong with this?

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  • Qaridarium
    I send this message directly to Michael:

    I send this message directly to Michael:

    hi i know you are busy so sorry for interrupt you.
    but these people really organize a witch hunt on me.
    They just say anything they can to hurt me.

    Example: "his Xenophobia is fucking annoying"

    I can prove that i do have Friends all over the world and I do not discriminate because of race or origin.

    They also claim that phoronix lose readers because of me : "You have to ban Qaridarium or else this site of yours is going to stagnate."

    But the real facts show that some of my off-tropic threads do have more "Clicks" than your own off-tropic threads

    "Germany export 4MWh E-Energy although 8 Nuclear-Power-Stations turned off" : Views: 22,526

    "Touring Chernobyl In 2010" : Views: 17,383

    then they claim : "Half of those clicks are probably coming from you hitting the refresh button"

    but I really don't do this.
    and your forum protocol can prove this!
    i use the forum like any other normal human!

    they also claim clearly refutable assertions like : "Qaridarium's posts are disrespectful to this community. I've never seen him agree with anyone "

    users like "crazycheese" can confirm that I have agreed to them several times.

    and they say disrespectful thinks like "Qaridarium contributes nothing useful"
    what is clearly refuted.

    even users who arguing against me disagree : "Some of his posts are significantly more thoughtful than most people realize"

    and quotes like this "I would recommend that Qar spark a Jay, buy a Mac" in a linux forum is really sad.

    they also make unrealizable offensive demands "Q. Can you please do us all a favor and stop being such an ass?"
    this is unrealizable because i'm not a ASS! I can not refrain from what I'm not. this was only a rhetorical question to hurt me!

    and if i defence myself they blame me for this to: "Q, why are you always got an excuse for each bit of criticism people are posting about you?"

    they call all my problems like dyslexia,Asperger-Syndrome,histamine-intollerance a lie: "Remember that it is very likely his syndrome is completely imaginary, or an outright lie. This is the internet, after all."

    they try to hurt me with wrong claims: "Q's erratic behavior comes from a drug issue. He has fried his brain by taking too much GHB" and i can prove this because GHB is used in much higher dosage to narcotize unborn childs and babys and childs and people with liver damange because its the ONLY supstance without any harm to the "body" its imposible to get a brain damange from GHB! this means they only write this to hurt me!

    they also call me a Troll because i don't want to be banned: "There is only one kind of people out there thinking that it is a success not to be banned: Trolls."

    they also claim always the opposite to my words just to hurt me : "facts need not be true nor objective." but wikipedia shows it in the way i write it: "A fact is something that has really occurred or is actually the case.""

    and overall they just want me to be banned: "I hope that you will be banned, since you don't show any insight to your misbehavior."

    Other forum users do a great work in defence me but people told me you don't have the time to read it.

    but this was one of the best:


    I'm seriously sick of this repeated stupidity and I hereby ask Michael to ban user "BanQaridarium" and any such xenophobic users on spot for breaking following forum rules:

    -- Forum Rules --


    2) "04.) Please refrain from using excessive amounts of profanity in your posts."
    Users, such as BanQaridarium express excessive amounts of profanity in their posts.

    Qaridarium and anyone else are allowed to post whatever they want, provided:
    [x] it makes general sense (at least IQ 30)
    [x] it is localed in right category

    "His constant harassment towards the users of this forum is disgusting"
    This is personal opinion.
    Personal opinions may not be used to justify legal actions, only rules.
    Currently, there is no rule for this, and if this rule will be created - around 80% of users will be banned, bridgman included, due to "harassment"s not lying within scope of language semantic, but rather of approach.

    "his Xenophobia is fucking annoying."
    "with someone as unintelligible as Qaridarium"
    This users (banQ) xenophobia and his language are substantially more annoying.

    3) "08.) Each forum member is limited to ONE (1) account."
    BanQ is clearly a clone. For example:
    "do some service for your paying customers"
    "All I see on Phoronix forum topics now are Qaridarium harassing someone."
    BanQ is not a paying customer, and was created by one of the existing users for the sole reason of trolling, harassing and intolerating (and failing to use Ignore button).

    "I even have ads disabled when browsing your site out of mere respect."
    Because "paying customers" do not see any ads, this proves user BanQ. is NOT premium subscriber and "paying customer"; which means he uses false statements in his argumentation for the sake reason of achieving personal attacks. This is purest form of trolling.

    4) "01.) Absolutely no flaming, name calling, sexual harassment, or other personal attacks will be permitted. Respect everyone, including the moderators and administrators."
    This is the only rule, which may be applied against Q, however consider the following:

    Currently all Q. posts make sense, including and especially those against Bridgeman, because of his (Q.) frustration in Bridgeman and overall AMD opensource policy.
    The difference is due to Bridgeman using Vista/7 (where AMD puts most of efforts and hence least of bugs) and seeing opensource driver as 2nd class driver for 2nd class (in his opinion) operating system. If Q. would replace Bridgeman in his position of (anti-)PR manager, the opensource driver would experience fair increase of development speed. This is however not likely to happen due to Bridgeman rather implementing AMD policy of "hindering, preventing and slowing" on spot, than expressing his own opinion - unlike Q.
    As a proof, every time opensource driver sees minor improvement Q. is never seen bashing it, but rather *this fact* is used to bash Q.
    Additionally, Q. is not nvidia or intel user and hence his reaction is solely based upon complete legal "FRUSTRATION" and falls within category "PROTEST" as there are substantial differences between advertised and real driver performance. Q. is a victim of AMD (anti-)Linux Marketing, that is.

    As such, Qs posts, unlike post of BanQ., are not flaming, but protest, because they do have point (amd open driver quality and development approach). Protest and criticism are allowed.


    Thank you.


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  • Qaridarium
    Originally posted by TobiSGD View Post
    So you think such a childish behavior to just call the other troll when he caught you in your trolling is pwning the other?
    you really don't get it? this works because the definition of a "Contrarian Troll" is in a way that the one who calls other a Troll IS THE TROLL!

    Originally posted by TobiSGD View Post
    Dream along, troll, you just don't get it. This is the last reply from me to you, I put you on my ignore list right now, I hope that you will be banned, since you don't show any insight to your misbehavior.
    Have a nice life.
    last replay? thank you very much.

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