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Petition to Ban Qaridarium

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    Your problem is that you think I do what I do not
    you only think you know what I think but your thinking is not the reality
    I read your posts.

    You make no answer to my question. Why do you engage in debates of logic and word meanings on a forum for technology?

    There are forums for logic and metaphysics, politics and debate strategy.

    I did not presume to know what you think. I asked you a question that you did not answer.

    Why do you refuse to acknowledge that this forum is not one of those places?

    06-15-2012, 04:03 PM


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      I think the Q vs B battle (which has been raging, by the way, for years) is the most entertaining thing this forum has to offer. What I DON'T want to see is, Bridgman getting so frustrated and burnt out from reading all of Q's posts that he decides to stop contributing entirely, or lets it negatively affect his job performance, or something really bad like that.

      I also don't want him pulling an Adam Jackson and making troll commits to git or other forms of vandalism.

      As far as upsetting regular users, I think that's Q's job. Everybody has a job, and Q once wrote that he owns his own business, so I wonder if he's in the business of trolling end-users of Linux. If so, that's a perfectly legitimate business and there are plenty of customers here for him.

      So bottom line I'm against the ban but I want Bridgman to stay sane, so Alex Deucher, if you ever hear Bridgman mumbling to himself in the hallway "I'm... I'm such a bad, bad, bad, bad, "BAD" person for "USING" "WINDOWS VISTA"....." then please let us know so we can put an end to Q's torturing of him.


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        ou build your question in a way that they are 'rhetorical questions' because your implied your opinion in your position of the question you ask.

        so i can not answer 'rhetorical questions'

        please try again!
        No rhetorical question.

        Please explain why anything in this thread is appropriate to a discussion of Linux technology.

        You discuss anything but this simple question.

        There is no need to "try again"

        The question remains, rephrased perhaps to help you focus on the topic.

        Why do you discuss anything on this forum other than LINUX technology?


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          Originally posted by Qaridarium
          maybe we should ask "Epic Rap Battles of History" to make a song about the Q vs B battle


          like the bill-gates vs steve jobs vs hal9000 (who is using linux to beat them) video:

          Cool derailing bro, I would try not to confirm our observations if you're trying to defend yourself. And I really don't care if you have a handicap - everyone is responsible for their actions. If you have a problem with that, then you shouldn't be posting here because your handicap doesn't let you be respectful.



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            hey i write some Q vs B rhymes:
            Is this a "Q vs B rhymes" forum?


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              is this a "ask questions" forum ?
              glad you asked. The majority view is that it is a LINUX technology forum.

              Why do you post topics unrelated to LINUX technology?


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                Bottom line:

                Q is a troll.

                He amuses Michael.

                Therefore he's not going to be banned.

                Unless we make it worth his while. Maybe someone can create a kickstarter or something to make it financially beneficial to get rid of Q. Or maybe we can get 50+ premium members to all write in that they are cancelling their accounts unless Q leaves.
                Last edited by smitty3268; 15 June 2012, 09:03 PM.


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                  Originally posted by Qaridarium
                  and the prove for that claim is?
                  Your posts are all the evidence anyone needs, and provide far more proof then you ever do.

                  sadly he do not have the time to read my stuff.
                  He took the time to name you the "Conspiracy Leader", which is all it takes to see he finds you funny.


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                    Originally posted by Qaridarium
                    i finished the rap:

                    Hello my name isn't bridge man I'm just his personal Q'Fan
                    Qaridarium does his job deleting working Jerk's swap paging by raging!

                    Raging my paging does not stop my aging
                    I'm to old man to be the cold name so fear my bridg man of my rig names os vista asta la vista!

                    I am Qari the consparicy leader, your Windows is making you a feeder, your fat32 like a BSoD blue-screen your twittering is like a dirt-drivers tripping!

                    Ya bridgman style yo, my managment is pure voltage gives you the Windows Genuine Advantage Radeon package breaks your voyage now you need a bandage pwnd ya visage!

                    My Ping of Death is making you mad being hatefull is the best thing you're at.
                    Mr. Vista your meaning of linux makes me call for Krishna! I use wine while this rhyme is in line so will I shine and your Windows will never be this fine!

                    I'm the bridge to peace your poorer than Greece this is just a little piece to let me taste cheese wile your Radeon will freeze pwnd ya i cut the costs of git-trees !

                    Who Won ? Who's next ? You decide!
                    I LOLed. Ridiculous, but funny. You're a comedian.


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                      Originally posted by Qaridarium
                      you need much more arguments to prove a Troll in a valid way.

                      but you prefer to Spam invalid flaming instead.
                      Why? Boldly claiming things to be facts with no proof seems to be good enough for you.

                      The fact is that you're a troll, and everyone on these boards knows it. Some people just feel like trolls should be free to troll no matter what they do, and others think they should be banned.

                      what is next Moderator status ?

                      will you even then try to kick me?
                      Q as a mod would probably surprise me less than Q getting booted.

                      Anyway, I'll let you have the last word, because I know you love to have that. Go ahead, say whatever you want, the floor is all yours...