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Petition to Ban Qaridarium

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    Originally posted by banQaridarium View Post

    You have to ban Qaridarium or ..... out of mere respect. Don't piss off anymore people over one arrogant ass.

    The Stig.
    the creation of account for a ban .... that s a double-game thingy , very easy to play and making the "real old" account on the side of the "victorious"

    ban banQaridarium , Michael ;']


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      how about stop responding to him, especially in this thread... he will continue to respond to you, even if you are right and have the better arguments. he will respond (eventually calling you names) so just stop responding to him. everybody else knows that you had the better arguments even if he claims to "won".


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        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        if you are important man and you need a job done then you use Windows and Nvidia hardware and a Intel CPU because they are "Faster" right now... LOL!
        Actually no, I bought it ~6 years ago because it was on sale for ~$279 including shipping. Integrated graphics, just enough for admin stuff.
        Test signature


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          Originally posted by Qaridarium
          EPIC FAIL-.
          Q: "I double checked with Google Translate and Urban Dictionary, and don't bother me with your Oxford!"

          David Dunning and Justin Kruger send their regards.


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            Wow, Q is probably the worst troll I've seen in a while.

            I guess Michael doesn't care about the quality of the forums....


            I think its funny how Q thinks that all the views of this thread are for him. Its probably everyone just looking through waiting for Michael to confirm the ban...


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              Originally posted by Qaridarium

              And hey i have a official Phoronix job to do because I'm the "The Conspiracy Leader" and this was not MY IDEA!
              <sarcasm> Of course you do. </sarcasm>

              I saw the thread when Michael gave you that title. I believe it was about Steam on Linux. He was obviously making fun of your responses on the forum because he finds your bizarre behavior entertaining. He was also trying to emphasize that all the things you were saying in that thread about Steam on Linux were "consipiracy" or not true. It is also a play on a lot of your posts that are in fact conspiracy. Either way... I'm not posting in this thread again. No need to continue feeding the troll. Enjoy all of views....


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                Originally posted by Qaridarium
                This is exactly what I was referring to. You are a fucking asshole. And the title "Conspiracy Leader" shouldn't be something you're proud of. That's essentially you announcing to the world that you're the tin foil head. Or rather, the boy who cried wolf one too many times. I'm surprised that this topic has managed to last as long as it did and it came to no surprise that Q behaved the way he did in this topic.

                I think in order for Q to be fully banished from this site would require everyone to ignore him. It really is outrageous seeing someone like Bridgman take harassment from the likes of you. He's one of the little links we have to a company like AMD, he deserves props for being in that position. Don't hurt the messenger. What DO you want Bridgman to do? And if you have such a problem with him, then why don't you fix the problems yourself? That's the nature of open source. And your rap has no taste, lol. Go read a dictionary before trying to make a rap again. The fact that it has no taste means you really have nothing against Bridgman.. so what is your problem with this guy?

                I focus on this because you're like this to just about everyone who makes a post on this forum. Not just bridgman.

                "I'm proud because these people defense the FREEDOM OF SPEECH "
                Freedom of Speech doesn't apply here, if Michael says otherwise. You're just wrong. But you have no room to speak for Freedom of Speech, Q. Because you lash out towards anyone who disagrees with you down to the very dot. You're probably one of the most closed-minded people on this site because you cannot accept that other people have opinions too. But I digress because that's not the issue here. The issue is your trolling behavior towards everyone. Just like the following,
                If AMD would my company. I would annul your working contract for the use of Nvidia and Windows.
                ^^ See? Don't go preaching a principle to people when you yourself can't even comprehend it.

                "But then i watch the click rate of all the Ban Qaridarium Threads and right now its overall more than ~30 000 clicks "
                That's because we're all waiting for you to get shut up. The fact that this topic has drawn so much activity says that there's enough people backing the "yes" and "no" sides of the issue for this to be a legitimate problem on the site. Guess what the problem is? You. That's nothing to be proud of. You would've been fine if you weren't such an jerk to people.

                "and compared to this only only a few people really write and not all of these few people who write think in the same way and I am so proud about the people who are not think in this way and I'm proud not because i think"
                They must be on drugs, then. Lmao. Cause I only can understand your posts when I'm drunk as fuck. And when I'm sober, I forget what you were even trying to say.

                Bridgman, I'm terribly sorry for putting you in the spotlight without questioning you first. I just thought it about it now and I realized that I'm putting you in the spotlight as if I'm associated with you in some form. I'm not, I'm honestly just another user who see's what's going on. So I'll stop if you don't like it. I can find something else to expose Q for what he is.


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                  Originally posted by Qaridarium
                  but but but what you don't know is that i know who gave Michael the IDEA to give me that "status" as a part of my nick name. and its 100% NOT my IDEA!

                  as long this is not changed I'm "The Conspiracy Leader" or I'm not ?
                  "Yes", you know status make word hard sentence coherent? LIAR! 99% sentence coherent make "hard" WORD idea.



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                    Originally posted by russofris View Post
                    "Yes", you know status make word hard sentence coherent? LIAR! 99% sentence coherent make "hard" WORD idea.


                    Hilarious "IMMITATION" of Qaridarium

                    If this forum had "KARMA" I would give it to you +1000

                    This forum doesn't have karma because the Bridgeman paid Michael with Microsoft's money to take it away ! Now we will never have "OPEN-SOURCE" graphics drivers with "GOOD KARMA" !

                    Try again!


                    • Originally posted by Qaridarium
                      LOL funny! and hey i really bid on a hd6970 on ebay just to make sure i can support Bridgman up to 100% in wasting my money with decisions what make my old hd4770 card useless ---> "OpenCL implementation" and "R600 Gallium3D LLVM Shader Compiler"

                      i wonder what he try next time maybe he let the UVD unit of my card explode ?
                      I wonder how much of that money ebay sent to bridgman? Probably 200%