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  • Uramdisk

    how about my idea? sorry for my english

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    Very nice one, but I suggest extending kernel with this feature instead.

    Kernel already caches the files it has read to IO cache. The idea would be instead to give more priority to files USED by cpu time AND to cache AHEAD based on usage list from the past. There should be complimenting daemon for this, to actually log the stuff being used by each user most, inside their own profile.
    Then, when the user logins, this daemon would feed the data to kernel.


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      can someone help me with this a bit? my english realy suck, mostly my grammar.

      some moderator replayed me, but i dont know how to write it good and with no mistakes.

      Please edit the Rationale and Solution. The Rationale should describe the problem or issue ('disk i/o slows the system too much'). The Solution should be one way to solve it ('preloading using ramdisk').

      The 'preload' package, already part of the default Ubuntu install, already addresses most of the problem. Your Ratinale should also explain why existing tools like preload are insufficient or inadequate.

      idea is to fast load programs.

      in corporations users[workers] use program to i.e. sell stuff [in my friend company its LEFTHAND] and it need a 10 second on shit cpu to load [comps are very weak... celeron 2.0 + 2 gb ddr1 etc...]

      in my music studio i use my cubase, other recorders use cool edit pro [i know its windows, but its same problem, program everytime have to be read from HDD to ram, and then rdy to use [slowest part]]

      it also could be good for distribution in marketing relations "we have fastest app loading system ever"

      many users mostly in companies would use this feature on old HDD.

      its cheaper to add ram, then to change HDD to faster one.

      my idea was sent to ubuntu, but everyone can use/implement it with userfriendly wizard. it would be great to see this stuff in linux


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        They already do this for boot files, so you should say something like

        "tweak the boot readahead to also read most used applications, for faster use after boot".


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          you didnt get the point, its about MANUAL picking of folders/files and use it like RAMDISK, not like prefetchet to pure ram


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            There is little advantage in a ramdisk vs file cache.

            As for manual, all you then need is to run a script on your login,

            "readahead /usr/bin/cubase /usr/bin/whatever ..."


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              it need a litle frontend for normal user, easy configuration