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    We looked at the President look like an obedient, very satisfied, he nodded, and said: "Today's training on this end of it, remember to pay on time tomorrow experiences." Then, in principal hands behind left.
    Look at the president so far away, the room is four blocks from the risk suddenly becomes four lapel spread mud. Zhao, fruit first began to complain: "What is this breaking the school, how have thing thing for?"
    Jiang Dawei one had expected the way said: "This is good too! Listen to me in a vocational high school students, Haidian, said they go to New teachers spend the morning room tocoach purses outlet help gardeners work in the afternoon of political learning, engage in attached a week, more than military training also suffer. "
    Li Hui said lazily: "What is it good, did not hear to write two thousand words ah I heard that tomorrow we pay go to the library experience working on the go."
    Chen Sheng, "laugh" to cry scorn: "waiting for you, as early as all know."
    Zhao, fruit immediately sat up the body: "I do not know how? Go to the library to do?"
    Sour Li Hui said: "If I like you live in a dormitory of a person, I do not know anything."
    Fruit Zhao Hui Li suddenly remembered the day the quarters report that glimpse, she immediately realized that this is the opportunity to vent their dissatisfaction with it. She did not know how to answer, the solution of Chen Sheng busy around her, "school isjuicy couture purses not from a new administrative office building it? President is said that the library, clinic, and some financial room has nothing to do with the teaching departments have moved to a new floor to. the original library in the old building, the inside of the thousands of books must all be strapped to a rope, and then transported to the new building to the cart, and then onto the floor, untied the rope, put on the shelf estimated such a toss back and forth, which we also equivalent to a labor-intensive military training! "heard stunned Zhao fruit, thought that the class when the teacher, write lesson plans, holding meetings of the matter, did not think we need to do manual labor, but also heavy physical labor.
    Four heavy heart, left the room, go back and look but also separately written thoughts. Zhao, fruit back to the dorm and pitched down on the bed, but only had an hour's time, she has been aware of the difficult work later.
    The remaining time is spent inPittsburgh Steelers jerseys reading this book about the professional ethics of teachers, professional Zhao University of fruit is in English, but Chinese is not a weak foundation, unless she does not want to write, or write up is eloquent, it can scare . Since the first impression has to dress casually on principal left the impression, that the following thoughts from time longer careless. After finished, Zhao fruit to her manuscript would like to proudly: "It's talented, ah, was both thorough and insightful analysis!" Dry ink on paper the last punctuation, Zhao fruit ran out Dafan go.
    The next morning, Zhao, fruit specially selected law-abiding, clothes, and his masterpiece with ten minutes earlier to the conference room. Principal has not come in, the other three have to back it touches. Zhao, fruit steal a look at the hands of their feelings, did not dare say a word once had. Hui Li, Department of Chinese origin, written up, probably more than 20 pages so thick, Jiang Dawei Secondly, the thickness is not small, Chen Sheng less than they seem, but it is far more than the written Wholesale shoes chinaZhao fruit. Zhao, fruit see very sorry, my heart straight hate myself why so lack of eye, have to point Qiazhao thousand words to write. Look at them, at least there are also five thousand words, how dare she hands out four pages thin incompetence?
    One to four, but also her down under the wind. Zhao, fruit swallow, simply 破罐子破摔, to be in the chancellor to immediately pay the first one to thoughts of the past, in the principal still admire her neat handwriting was beautiful then, followed by Li Hui, Jiang Dawei, Chen Sheng their focused on the bombing to go. Put away the thoughts in the heads, do not make any comment, and immediately announced that we go to the library to help.
    Four have already been made as mental preparation, tacitly followed in single file with the principal is to tie the book down to old buildings there.