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  • More tests and benchmarks?

    Question: How come there's not very many tests of discussions of graphics cards anymore?

    There's no update(s) on the 11.8 release? There seems to be quite a bit of discussion on the newest Nvidia drivers, too, but nothing to garner a real concise conclusion from.

    But, for people considering purchases of video cards, I find it difficult to find up-to-date or recent info on the current status of drivers with corresponding cards.

    For e.g., it would be interesting to have a test or benchmarks illustrating a comparison between recent various cards, eg. AMD's 5850, 6850 vs Nvidia's 460, 560 with more than just gaming demonstrations. Eg., video quality and options plus what settings you need and the video players used, power consumption/temps, whether power management works well and whatever else can be tested.

    Also, a cross reference test with open drivers for a good measure.

    But, another thought is that there hasn't been tests with the various DEs as I read tons of comments in other 'distro-specific' forums of fglrx drivers being unusable with Gnome 3 / gnome-shell.

    Edit: Oh yeah, if possible, tests to determine some results of using the drivers/cards with different configurations such as with kernel 2.6.38 or .39 vs. 3.0
    Just an observation. I'll probably receive a lot of flak for bringing up these ideas or suggestions but I'm used to criticism for any direct complaints (regarding video cards/drivers problems).
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