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    I know I've said this several times, but often on a new browser install I won't even notice ads until I come to Phoronix. Phoronix is almost always the site that pushes me over to installing AdBlock. *Everything* on here is so obtrusive, from the highlighted tool-tip words, to the Flash interstitials, to the 3-4 large animated (generally Flash too) square blocks on each page. Frankly I'm surprised that *anyone* browses Phoronix without AdBlock -- it's practically unusable with the ads in place.


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      Originally posted by allquixotic View Post
      I can't agree with most of what you wrote. Most of the content here is static, means it can be easily cached and doesn't require a lot of resources. Even if I took what you wrote about getting a server for $250 for true, I'm sure it's an amount this site can more than easily gather through donations, which proves my point.

      Why is this site using vbulletin, for example, where most other foss-related sites use a free (and virtually equivalent) FOSS alternative? Here's a way to spare money without changing anything, but I don't see it getting done. I only see bitching around about adblock, the phoronix premium programme being shoved everywhere, overrepetition of internal links I already saw over 10 times, and so on. Mind you, it's something that's developed over time as phoronix has grown in popularity and has somewhat become a monopole in its niche. It is _bad_.

      Your comparison with buying a car isn't entirely correct. Sites are something completely modular to use (and you don't buy and 'own' them, you only visit them). You come and use whatever you want, and for you, only that portion of the site is relevant. I don't see why I should donate, or see/click on ads (if what you said about it is true, which I don't believe; I have yet to see myself money paid for page impressions), for something I don't even use, need, or ever asked for; something many Linux developers themselves often take with a very big grain of salt; and something that is advertised and driven with more than a healthy amount of populism. For me, those things aren't relevant and not needed. I can be still considered a user, because a user isn't someone who uses all the aspects of a site, it's someone who uses at least one.

      I stand by what I said before; if the site's owner forces the users to pay/view ads for something they may not be interested in, or if they turn on their ad block user filter (which I doubt exists, but I don't mind being proven wrong), or if they continue using such a bashing and degrading attitude toward people who use their computer the way they want (which is the true spirit of FOSS, as someone here ironically mentioned) they will lose a whole fraction of users. This is the reason it hasn't been done yet. The clientelle here is too sensitive for such draconian attitudes, and Michael knows it.
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        Originally posted by susikala View Post
        I don't think that's the point, allquixotic. There are two problems here:

        1. Many site owners believe that their users owe them something (this site's owner acts the same way). It's the other way around, a site thrives on its users. No users, and it will die.
        2. Some people believe that you should turn off adblock if you like some site. That's not going to help unless you think money grows on trees. Money on the Net is earned because people click on stuff AND subsequently spend money. I can turn off adblock and click on ads all day, but I have never bought something on the Internet which was linked to me directly through an ad or an affiliation link. If I do get an affiliation link, I remove the affiliated part because I don't believe the person who linked me should be getting any money out of it. It's a poisoned culture.

        I myself am a site owner. Admittedly, it's not a tenth as big as phoronix, but it has its fair share of users. I don't have any ads, and I ask people to donate. I don't get enough donations each month to cover the costs, but as the vps I'm hosted on costs practically nothing (less than 30 usd a month), it's no biggie.

        The problem is that people pay too much for hosting and do not use their resources wisely. Practicularily in the US, VPSs are way too expensive. You can get a dedicated server in Germany for US VPS prices. There's no reason for these prices, other than to pseudo-justify having to place obnoxious ads (actually, all ads are obnoxious) on the site and pretty much treat your users like mindless sheep.

        I don't care about Michael's lifestyle, that's his thing and has nothing to do with this site. To be honest, I don't care the least bit about benchmarking, either. I only come here to read news about FOSS, and I assume that if this site becomes too much of a hassle to use and reports too much about Macrap or Windows, a better, free (as in free of ads) alternative will arise, and it will be for the better. This is the good part about this world.
        Very good post, I myself believe in striking a sensible balance for Michael's desire to make money without alienating the users of the site. Having a site filled with obnoxious ads that interfere with navigation or reading content does more to piss off or end up forcing users to use adblock/flashblock to block the objectionable ads. Ads are a necessary evil for a major site like this one, but done right it'll make everyone happy including Michael himself.

        Another thing are the quality of the articles themselves. While Michael's benchmarks are well done and have good visual aids, there are articles that are rather content-free and are more Mac or MS oriented that aren't relevant to the site IMO. The comments in the forums should be a good venue for providing feedback about such articles and Michael should take those comments into consideration where applicable.


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          We had an Office 2010 ad on our page untill i started making alerts on load and every 10 sec warning the user that the site was down and they should contact the admin. Turns out there ad is pinging there server very 10 sec and if it failes it will bring up an alert, and some dayes there server isn't responding


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            Originally posted by LinuxID10T View Post
            I honestly don't think I have EVER seen Michael this mad... Although, he sure has a right to be, and I admire his use of the f-bomb in an article
            This is quite the reason for _not_ overusing profanity. The typical internet journalist^W^W blogger overuses profanity to the point where it has no meaning. By having _never_ used such a word on Phoronix before, Michael is now free to exclaim his anger and frustration with such language. Thus, whereas most bloggers paint themselves into a corner with the F-word, Michel can be expressive with it.

            Good work!


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              i have important question

              do you get money just for showing me add, or i need to click it?
              if i need to click it, to give you money, it doesnt matter that i see ads or not, iam not interested in ANY adds, period.

              correct me if iam wrong.


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                Originally posted by susikala View Post
                I don't care about Michael's lifestyle, that's his thing and has nothing to do with this site. To be honest, I don't care the least bit about benchmarking, either.
                I don't care to _read_ about benchmarking, but I most certainly want the benchmarking to be done. That is the point of Phoronix. It's not for casual users to say "Ubuntu N is X% slower than Ubuntu N-1" but rather to highlight to the kernel and distro devs that unrestricted feature creep have a negative side effects.

                If the kernel devs and distro devs were doing the benchmarking, fixing regressions and not blogging about it there would be no problem. As it is, it seems that without Michael _nobody_ would be tracking Linux power and performance regressions.


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                  This article made me wish I was drinking milk so I could have blown some out of my nose upon laughing.

                  Seriously, your posts raving about supporting your ads are annoying, and the ads themselves are even more annoying. You don't gain support by telling everyone something everyone hates is cool. They'll just laugh, because everyone knows it's B.S..

                  How about instead you do the opposite, and tone down your ads. Remove or make them less annoying. ESPECIALLY remove the stupid double-underlined word link ads. No, I DON'T want to buy the random product that popped up when I accidentally highlighted "laptop". :P

                  Your website is actually one of the reasons I ALWAYS install adblock, lol. Not the only reason, but close!

                  Also, you don't get money by having your ads load, you get money from clicks, and there are many readers who would never ever click on an ad regardless of whether or not that ad loaded, myself being one of them. You don't get genuine real factual information from sales pitches, you get it from research.


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                    I don't see it and you know why? Not because I have ad blocking software. Oh no... It's because I have an anti-track system installed that disables shit like Collective media for example.

                    If you knock on the door of non tracking ad supplyers, you'll find me seeing your ads again...


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                      Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
                      If you knock on the door of non tracking ad supplyers, you'll find me seeing your ads again...

                      (I am phoronix premium but I HAVE to see the ads anyway because IT DOES NOT WORK)
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