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Celebrating The Phoronix Birthday With A High-Tech Dinner

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  • Celebrating The Phoronix Birthday With A High-Tech Dinner

    Phoronix: Celebrating The Phoronix Birthday With A High-Tech Dinner

    As many are aware, tomorrow Phoronix will turning be seven years old. A site that many technology enthusiasts and other media publications refer to as being the leading source for Linux hardware information and news/reviews, along with being the home to the Phoronix Test Suite,, and other web properties. Sunday will also mark the three year anniversary of the release of Phoronix Test Suite 1.0...

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    Ok, but did it taste good?


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      Well, judging by the modern art composition of the plates, and the really scarce amounts of actual food in them, that restaurant's bill won't be light.
      For such price, one would at least enjoy what he eats.


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        So no Dampfnudel...
        Should we be worried now?


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          Originally posted by Qaridarium
          i'm sure the "Dampfnudeln" will be magic today...

          you get what? you can do your own with a Frying pan and a Pan Lid

          just make a dough with powder then put water 1-2cm in the pan put the lid on heat it up if it boils put small round pieces of the dough in the 0,5-1cm hot water do it fast put the lid on low the heat to an minimum now wait the pieces inflate now wait for 30 minutes.

          now the sausage get milk heat it up put 1-2 spoons of powder into it mix it fast put vanilla into it and sugar or Stevia after that put this into the fridge cool it down to 1-5C.

          now back to the pan now finish your job get an melted buttera and paint the dampfnudeln with that now pudere sugar and cinnamon on the balls now pull the stuff out on an plate and put the vanilla sausage around the dampfnudeln and a little bit over it.

          and now eat the qaridarium style Dampfnudel!
          You know your recipes are easier to understand then most of your posts.


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            restaraunt performance

            the most important question that most geeks would think under this circumstance - performance of frestaurant.

            Did you get to score?


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              Wait, no benchmarks?


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                Taste? It is US restaurant, so lets appreciate it looks good, at least! ;-) Joking aside, one of my favourite restaurants is TGI Fridays, so yes, I know that US food != junk food of McD.


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                  Originally posted by deanjo View Post
                  You know your recipes are easier to understand then most of your posts.
                  Actually I have seen various pictures of food that Qaridarium is responsible for and it looked amazing.


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                    Originally posted by Qaridarium
                    most of the time i cock for taste not for the picture.

                    2 examples :

                    Looks delicious, what is it? penne rigate con pesto?