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Giving Away Unigine's New Real Time Strategy Game

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  • Giving Away Unigine's New Real Time Strategy Game

    Phoronix: Giving Away Unigine's New Real Time Strategy Game

    Many Windows gamers and computer enthusiasts are familiar with Unigine's very impressive technology demos (i.e. Unigine Tropics and Unigine Heaven as the first DirectX 11 benchmark), but it seems not too many are familiar Unigine OilRush. This is the first game coming out of this studio and it's an oil-focused real-time strategy with support for Windows / Linux / Mac OS X / PlayStation 3 and we're giving away a few more copies of this computer game...

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    Does it still not work with R600g? Since Heaven does run it should run too...
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      Would love to buy it

      ...but can never complete the transaction. Ohwell. Something funky with their order page.


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        Don't have twitter

        Meh, I don't have a twitter account. If it was with, I would be able to participate... Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu



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          I bought Oilrush a while ago, the online transaction went smoothly for me. The game is progressing nicely and each beta adds new features. It sometimes crashes but always at the same point (the start or end of a mission) so I'm confident they are reproducable and fixable. The developers do take on board and respond to feedback on their forums.


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            This game really needs some marketing outside of phoronix.

            Once again, I would recommend rockpapershotgun, who have a good history of supporting indie and smaller budget titles, and are focused on PC gaming. But whoever it is, the game will need SOME sort of marketing budget if they want to boost preorders and sales after release.