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Opera bugs?

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  • Opera bugs?

    This is starting to bug me.

    Michael, I know this isn't what you wrote in the ATi thread section, but Opera made it seem very weird...

    Is this Opera's fault? The ad-sensing? Could you check up on the forums server to see if anything funky is going on?

    People might misread forum posts. :P

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    Thanks for pointing that out. Is it occurring with all threads, or just that ATI one? That thread is working fine in Firefox, but looks like it could be an Opera problem with vBulletin or Kontera ads. I'll have it looked into.
    Michael Larabel


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      I haven't checked all the others. I had to quote your thread to find out what you were really trying to say there, I got a bit confused the first time around.

      I'll check the other threads.


      I did some snooping around. My initial findings is that it's a bug with Opera + the ContentLink advertisement that modifies the text to add links. I noticed that at initial loading the forum threads are fine but after loading the ad links, there are some noticeable changes to the format, although it isn't as drastic as the ATI thread.
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        Are these problems still prevalent? The ad manager for those ads should have corrected the issue.
        Michael Larabel


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          Hi Michael,

          I haven't posted an update to this day because the bug is still prevalent. Although I haven't been very keen on checking it right now, I noticed it was still around while I was reading your post on the Phoronix Red Blog.

          I'll go check in a bit. I have to say, it's quite frustrating at times.


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            Hi Michael, I took your message from the ATi RedBlog thread just so you can see the error.


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              I can confirm that as of Opera 9.02. This bug is fixed.