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    Originally posted by frief View Post
    I'm interested in the time a system needs to do something useful (login, network). Once the system is up I tend to be happy with the speed of the system (which is more often than not limited by DSL speed).

    Obviously this includes BIOS startup. And Phoronix cares about benchmarking I'd be happy if there'd be a benchmarked (and smooth path) to a coreboot based off-the-shelf system with SSD.
    Excellent idea. I wanted to build a fast-booting computer. I bought the SSD and installed the modern Linux distro, but now my BIOS startup takes up 80% of booting time. Not cool.


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      I am crazy fan of music.. So there should be something about Music..
      Also I like games discussions..


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        joshuapurcell, i agree with to..
        thanks to all of you for your contribution..
        I have get a lot incarnation from this nice forum..


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          It would be nice if you could rework the software-updates posts to be more like here: (in Dutch, but probably similar enough to German for you to be able to navigate and such). New software releases are just another type of news than your other posts and I believe the layout and information you post should reflect it. Moreover, if you have a more straightforward framework for software release news, it may be easier to add.

          In the meuktracker every new released version of software gets a little story, some metadata, a short changelog and a link to a complete changelog, and most importantly, you have a releases history (updategeschiedenis or updategeschichte in German probably). It is also possible to browse different types of software. Well, see it for yourself and please absorb the features you like into Phoronix!


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            Originally posted by Thue View Post
            It would be nice if phoronix would put more focus on power usage, especially idle power usage. Comparing with Windows could show where the Linux drivers need improvement. My desktop idles at 20W higher in Linux than in Windows (I suspect my Radeon graphics card is to blame).
            I wonder if a benchmark was ever done on the phoronix server itself. How much power are we using? Is it alot?


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              Linux Video Spider Diagram

              1st post, so hello Phoronix and subscribers. I couldn't sit on the bench on this one, have been tinkering with linux (Ubuntu) for a couple of years, getting wireless internet up and running, getting an AMD driver to function adequately etc. and found it to be be a operating system with perhaps a deeper interest than it's competitors. Mostly by design and philosophy I would presume.

              Anyhow, I find that after a couple of years I still have a great deal further to dig in finding uses for Linux and it's capabilities. With this in mind it would be nice of a refresher in some of this I have been through (simple example - mounting hard drives) After 2 years I tried to do this again and forgot everything I had done last time. Mostly I believe this is because using GEdit and Command Line is quite surprising just not interesting enough visually to remember!! :-). Therefore, even if perhaps after I had done it, I was to look through a video regarding the drive allocation naming, the fstab file and the filesystem it may have stuck in my mind more -- afresh -- perhaps?!. Therefore, with this then perhaps a video on the File system or Kernel we could have a visual Wiki on basic Linux setup, you could also add a little history of Linux itself in this way and perhaps some "grander" goals. I don't know how far this could go, but I also notice in the Synaptic Package Manager and Update Manager that a lot of what gets updated has very little description so in terms of the spiders "legs" this could have a lot of potentially creative information.


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                not sure this is the right place but i didn't want to start another topic just for that.

                would it be possible to be able to add quotes with a click or something when you are in reply mode from the topic review at the bottom of the page???

                in the forums


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                  I can't seem to be able to edit my posts. If that is the case for everybody, I would like to see that on the forums next i.e. the ability to edit posts.


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                    benchmark of musl libc-based system

                    One thing I would like to see is a benchmark of a musl libc based Linux system, like Sabotage linux (busybox/musl/Linux):


                    I have not had time/resources enough to build one myself but if someone could fire one up and run some tests vs a standard GNU/Linux system that would be cool.


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                      I'd like to notice compositing screen managers benchmarked anytime games tend to be benchmarked far too. I do definitely not enjoy games often yet I personally use the particular WM on a regular basis, plus the video individuals do influence the item a good deal, therefore a new WM benchmark could be additional strongly related me.

                      I know at least kwin carries a show_fps plugin as well as scripting assistance, then it mustn't be hard to help create a new benchmark for it. Not sure wether compiz yet others have got scripting assistance, or the method that you would produce a benchmark devoid of of which.