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  • rules for post moderation

    i looked all over, but i cannot find the rules for new user post moderation...

    example: i can post in the "test" thread immediately, but my posts in a thread linked to a phoronix article take up to a day or more to show up, as it tells me they must be moderated by an admin. i posted earlier today in the article thread, and my response is still not live.

    is this because i'm a new user? how many posts do i have to have until this is lifted, or whats the deal here?


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    I think the rules may be stricter if you have links etc... in your post.


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      Yeah, until you have like five posts if you try to post a link, it goes into a spam moderation queue first.
      Michael Larabel


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        ok that's reasonable. the first post i made did have a link, but the second one (the one i was referring to) did not. i think i was at post 4 or 5 at that point.

        oh well, i figured it would go away after X amount of posts, i just couldn't figure out what X actually was. i accidentally doubled posted my first post because it wasn't clear to me what was happening (the fact that it would be moderated was only on-screen for about 1 second, if that).

        not sure if it has affected others, but might be worth a mention somewhere.



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          thanks for pointing this out, i had the same problem.