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Where do you come Phoronix?

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  • Where do you come Phoronix?

    As occasional long term reader, I am more and more disappointed. I think I do not understand, where the Phoronix tends to go.

    Reading your reviews last 3 years, one could realize ATI cards are good alternative in Linux. I tried many times, and ATI products still strongly sucked compared to any nVidia card I owned. During past months or years, you have never passed any benchmark comparison between ATI and nVidia, you test them separately instead. Unlike CPU. Why? As I understand, you are some kind of partner of AMD to test their driver. does it affected your product ratings?

    You moved from great and very contributive Fedora to some kind of over-hyped Ubuntu, which does not develop things, and usually make their specific patches and configurations for their own to support their marketing claims, no matter what the cost. There are many examples of such absurdities like disabling barriers in Ubuntu ExtX filesystem - thus Ubuntu seems faster. On top, accoring to your reviews it seems like great distro, under the hood, there is usually something rotten, which remain hidden. What does Ubuntu benchmarks represent then and how can average user apply your test result to any credible distro with sensible configuration?

    I thing I see Phoronix moving from technically scoped Linux portal to some kind of trendy media....