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  • Notice More Articles This Week At Phoronix?

    Phoronix: Notice More Articles This Week At Phoronix?

    This week at Phoronix has been busy with more articles (and news posts) than usual. In fact, most days have had more than one new article. The week began by benchmarking the AMD FirePro V8800, then providing four years of Ubuntu benchmarks via their Long-Term Support testing, offering a look at Fedora 13 Beta, file-system benchmarks with the Linux 2.6.34 kernel, ATI graphics in Fedora 13, the need for Nouveau driver power management, and this morning was testing out the Btrfs system rollbacks in Fedora 13. The week is not over and there will be at least one more Phoronix article before the week is out and certainly more news items too...

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      Time for another donation I think.


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        i only hope that published article count will not exceed 9/day. Google IG rss only support this max number of posts. So you better update it or split topics (hardware/software/OpenSource talks). It's unavoidable if news number will grow and ppl will just miss it(i'v had similar problems with other hw/news resource 3dnews).


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          Not only has the quantity improved, but I feel that the quality has as well. Cheers Michel!


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            Will consider becoming a member. I visit Phoronix more than /., my e-mail and social website page combined!

            Phoronix is plain awesome!


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              One annoying bug

              There is one bug/feature that will probably prevent me from renewal of my premium membership.
              The process of getting to the ad-free single-article greatness is so annoying each time that I actually don't do it anymore. I open Phoronix main page and see all ads and all articles are paginated. Then I have to go to forums, where I log in automatically, then back to Phoronix main site, then click on "View as single page". It's not much easier than just view article page-by-page with ads. Actually, the latter is easier so I don't use premium benefits despite being premium member for a some time already.

              The visitor should be logged in automatically on the main page, or on the article page immediately without going to the forums. And if it's premium member, all articles should be on single page by default. Otherwise it's not worth it, I'll better just make a donation.


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                I don't think anyone actually uses the premium account to not see ads, or to get all the content on one page.

                Regarding the ads, I use adblock, so I don't see them anyway.

                Regarding one page display, I find it -a lot- more convenient now, when it's split. It offers a break point where you can stop and get back to the article later. Or, if you're just interested in Michael's conclusion and not in all the benchmarks itself, given it's a benchmarks article, you just go to the last page. I do it sometimes.

                So for me, those benefits mean nothing. When I have the possibility to help phoronix, I'll simply contribute $2,5.

                I think you'd better reconsider your financial strategy, Michael. Sites like Wikipedia are able to support themselves -only- over donations and can even afford to hire some people. And the constituency of phoronix has a larger percentage of working (who can contribute) than other sites, I think.


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                  @dsent & @susikala: consider the premium membership as a donation (but you also get something in return so it's better than a donation).


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                    I just go to the forums first and then I get the automatic login right from the start. AFAIK all the new articles have a corresponding forum post anyways so and that lets me pick & choose which ones I want to read at that moment.