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  • dacresbu
    did I remember to suggest network benchmarks? say network transfer benchmarks or NFS performance between kernel versions. Especially sence we've had some changes and virturalized network changes

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  • yossarianuk
    Wow - phoronix is amazing, your sort of like a genie..

    I suggested both Arch and disabled compiz benchmarks and you delivered both!


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  • yossarianuk
    opengl compiz/compiz disabled benchmarks


    I would like to see a benchmark showing the difference in fps when compiz is enabled and disabled.

    For me its about 30-40%...

    Linux desktop developers need to make a way to automatically stop compiz when running a fullscreen 3d app

    The Benchmark would be good for linux and may encourage people to disable the feature when running games and advance the speed of all 3D games.

    Every single game that co-exists for linux and windows I have tried on my system is faster in Linux (i always disable compiz)

    ( I use Nvidia 8500)

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  • staalmannen
    Something that would be cool would be to compare a number of different compilers on Linux, for example:

    Proprietary but free for personal use:
    * ICC, intel C compiler
    * SunCC, Sun studio

    BSD-type licence
    * LLVM/Clang
    * LCC
    * PCC

    Copyleft-type licence

    Of the ones above, only ICC, TCC and GCC are reported to be able to compile linux itself, whereas Clang can do FreeBSD, SunCC openSolaris and PCC openBSD.
    Basically, it would be interesting to see how the different compilers quantitatively compare which could influence decisions on which compiler to use based on licence or specific performance.

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  • StringCheesian
    Give readers an idea of how Windows benchmarks translate to linux benchmarks.

    For example, suppose a Windows hardware review site said a certain SSD performs poorly on a certain benchmark. Suppose that Phoronix then revealed that it was just NTFS handling an aspect of that SSD badly and that linux users will not have the same problem because ext4 won't trip over this particular SSD's quirk. That's the kind of thing I'm talking about.

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  • Panix
    How come there's not more/any tests or comparisons of printers and wifi cards, both desktop and usb?

    Speaking of printers, I notice few benchmarks so maybe these aren't acquired as easily?

    My reasoning behind suggesting this is that each may have different issues regarding compatibility. I know someone will think of the OpenPrinting website and suggest that for reference but I suggest in response, that it may be a bit behind and needs updating. In addition, not all mainstream and locally available hardware is listed. The most recent hardware that seems to be really pushed by manufacturers in the stores are not always listed.

    I noticed that HP has HPLIP and other companies include .rpm and .deb packages for the drivers but a test or comparison of various printers might illustrate whether the product: A) WORKS - and how well and B) how it works related to LINUX - is it OOTB or does it require more manual processes or installs... is it a smooth install or does it require more manual commands etc.?

    Other hardware that could be tested/compared include wireless n cards and the current status regarding Linux compatibility and overall operation experiences.

    Maybe these hardware components don't provoke enough interest or attract enough readers but just some suggestions.

    I'd like to see more up-to-date benchmarks on current graphics cards, too, such as ATI HD 5xxx cards as compared to Windoze 7 and maybe an inclusion of a HD 4xxx card for reference (again, compared to Windows 7). Of course, this can be done in Ubuntu 10.04...why not...

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  • not.sure
    Benchmark tracking of the different versions of the unreleased steam valve linux clients!


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  • sonnet
    Will you benchmark the new phenom x6 against an intel i7 possibly the intel x6 model?

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  • Drago

    Since there is many Linux programmers reading this site, it would be wonderful to have compile test, with different compilers, different processors configurations. For example AMD(I am a fanboy, yes) Athlon X2-4 with different size of caches, Phenoms, intels..etc.
    Compilers may be, GCC, Java, icc,..etc.
    This way, one can buy the best processor to build ours wonderful "kid".

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  • Michael
    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    Looks like a Wine tracker shall be coming in the near future now that we have the backing of a few key Wine contributors.
    It may launch as soon as next week now as it's been requested to possibly present it at the Ubuntu Developer Summit.

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