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    Cool pics! Thanks for sharing.


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      I would actually donate to this site if you didn't use Evil hard/software, but meh. To each his own, it's a free world (up until evil locks us all in, I guess).

      Otherwise, interesting report. Regardless of whether one likes your methods of working, your passion for work is really noticeable, and that's something I can appreciate.


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        Originally posted by Detructor View Post
        and a question: In the first picture, on the lower right side is a brownish suitcase...what is that doing between all the high-tech stuff and what is in there?!
        It's filled with CPUs, RAM, and SSDs.
        Michael Larabel


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          Originally posted by Michael
          To the dismay of some Phoronix readers, I choose software based upon technical/feature merits and not solely upon a license.
          Unacceptable. You are only allowed to use GPL software... LOL.

          Choosing software based on technical/feature merits rather than choosing it based on license alone, is ridiculous... what are you trying to do here, use the best tools for the job or something?

          ...Next would come the part where we all scream calling you an Apple-fanboy whore, a sellout and that Phoronix is a linux only website and that you have betrayed us all. lol

          Nice tour, thanks for posting. You have lots and lots of fun toys.

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            Originally posted by Michael View Post
            It's filled with CPUs, RAM, and SSDs.
            yeeeah sure...


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              Just noticed that when I went to comment from the article, I was coming from a 5 page set:

              But your OP links to here:

              Then I realized you resurrected an old thread. People were talking about monitors facing windows, and I'm thinking, what windows?


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                Originally posted by deanjo View Post
                Heh, I don't think Michael ever takes a day off.
                It's good to have you back and kicking!
                Was getting a little bit worried lately...



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                  That post of deanjo's was from 2010...


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                    what a mess

                    I'm sure this guy is not married...


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                      Originally posted by Raine View Post
                      I'm sure this guy is not married...

                      @Michael, if you found yourself a nice Bavarian girl, would you relocate to Germany?