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Phoronix extremely irritating self advertisement, kontera and adds

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    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    Hi Greg,

    Thanks. Actually as of a week or two ago, for all forum goers that are logged into the forums and browsing the forums and have more than ten posts, Kontera should not show up in the forums.
    thank you! even though that means less adds, it brings me a little closer to buying a premium account.

    the only adds i had a problem with other than kontera were the occasional banners that open a large popup when you hover them. (actually only happened once, yesterday). it was a best buy banner at the top that would roll out a huge add bigger than the browser window.


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      My initial posts seems to get a bit twisted by some commenter's here so let me clarify it.

      1. I like phoronix! no doubt!
      2. I don't mind ads, BUT if they are attracting to much attention i DISLIKE them. That's the case with phoronix. If it where simple google ads (non graphical aka text only) then i would have had no problem at all!
      3. I completely fail to see the purpose of kontera besides it's irritating popups. That alone is a reason for me to install adblock.

      So, Michael, keep up the good work ! only with some less attention drawing ads please


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        Originally posted by markg85 View Post
        Fourth there is the phoronix deep deep deep linking. Sometimes there is an article that talks for example about kernel mode setting with a link to the "source"... but that link is again a link to another phoronix article.. this sometimes goos back to 10 articles till i got the real source link.. Yet another annoying behavior of phoronix.
        I must say I don't mind the advertising one bit, this site needs to survive somehow. But, I have to agree with the TS that the above mentioned behaviour is very annoying. It can sometimes be very taxing to find the real source instead of just another article on Phoronix.


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          maybe the ads will draw people to subscribe? Seriously, for a few bucks a month its worth it .


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            Originally posted by Michael View Post
            Until Phoronix begins to block AdBlock...
            Do you really consider this a viable option?