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Phoronix Does Not Make Anti-Virus Software!

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  • Phoronix Does Not Make Anti-Virus Software!

    Phoronix: Phoronix Does Not Make Anti-Virus Software!

    Since earlier this month I have received at least two dozen emails from individuals looking for a refund on software they claim to have purchased from us... What software? The Phoronix Test Suite, Phoromatic, and other software projects developed by Phoronix Media are free software...

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    buying anti-virus software?
    why would i ever want to do that?
    there are like 30000000000 free good solutions.


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      There's a sucker born every minute.


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        If someones is stupid enough to buy something without examining this first then they deserve to be punished like that.


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          The power of the "default" user...


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            Ahahahah lol. Well, maybe not so funny for the ppl that bought that antivirus. Perhaps Phoronix media should tell them that the biggest virus out there is called windows and ask them to swap for something else?



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              I wonder when people won't be that stupid to believe everything they see on their screens? I suppose if there would be a great campaign to educate PC users then there would be A LOT less viruses, trojans botnets and other crap out there.

              P.S. Buying something that costs 60$ not from the "main" phoronix site but somewhere else and then come to phoronix to demand a refund



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                I guess the price of free software has gone up in the last few years :



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                  Coming next... angry mob with pitchforks gathering in front of the house where, allegedly, owner is hiding.


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                    Well, Phoronix should at least ask those "Customers" to help locate those ads because if not nailed now, these refund threats will go on.
                    I think Phoronix has been chosen because those folks need a solid looking website that is about technology, tests & software and which would also not be able to punish them effectively if caught (no money to start a court trial or so).