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Our Linux Graphics Survey Is Off With A Bang

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    Originally posted by mirv View Post
    Agreed - I have two monitors, different sizes, and it's important for the graphics to work fine across both of them simultaneously - I can't really consider just one of them.
    Then pick the highest. Your comments imply RANDR1.2, which means that you could - in theory run apps, games, videos and such across all the screens.


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      I already ran the survey and picked the highest. And yes it all runs fine currently, I was just pointing out that a survey with multiple monitor support but only one resolution section imply same resolution setups. I'm not sure that makes any difference to driver development, but then you never know.


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        Originally posted by mtippett View Post
        I was the one that posted the suggestion for the resolution.

        Think not about the actual resolution, but about the range. The intent of the question was to allow people to indicate the sizing of monitor that is used, not the resolution. The fact that I started with 4:3 resolutions as boundaries is completely irrelevant.

        I could have just talked about "megapixels" and given a range there.
        So were we supposed to go by largest dimension, or by number of pixels? Because 1680x1050 is less pixels than 1600x1200, so I had to lump it in with the 1280x1024 and up. But it's a 22" widescreen, and very different from e.g. a crappy 15" 4:3 LCD.


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          I went with largest dimension, ie 1680x1050 is >1600x1200.

          Number of pixels is more technically relevent, so I assumed that was the wrong answer


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            Addition choice on X.Org server survery question

            Which version of the X.Org server are running on your Linux system?

            Whatever comes with my distro (I was unsure which exact version comes with Ubuntu)


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              X -version

              will tell you. Or: phoronix-test-suite system-info
              Michael Larabel


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                I noticed too late that I could do it multiple times so I tried to pack in all info into a single time of filling out.
                The usage depends on which box I am. The main box (AMD 4850e) is used for everything. The older Athlon, too, but not that much for any intensive 3d stuff cause it lacks the GPU power (Geforce 2). My VIA box acts more like a fileserver/backup solution and sometimes to play video/audio since it is even more quiet than my near 0 db 4850e box but I never do any 3d stuff with it. (LOL, how should I with VIA's drivers or the openchrome/mesa parts?) My VIA based laptop (hey, at least it was the cheapest one in the world at that time) also does at maximum MPEG2 acceleration and even though I could use some basic 3d stuff from time to time it won't work (CLE266). But then I use it more for typing at work.
                So I could have filled out that survery multiple times for all the different purpose boxes...
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                  I just entered the survey, but am not sure why I should enter it multiple times for the machines here at work? We have 5 Linux machines that are almost identical (they're not, but in the surveys eyes they are). It's all Fedora 10 with Nvidia binary driver. Monitors are all dual 1920x1200 with one setup using dual 1600x1200. These are graphics workstations for compositing and 3D.

                  Why should I enter the survey 5 times? Will it not inflate the numbers artificially?