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Regarding Those Pesky Hover Ads

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    Originally posted by sorin View Post
    ICongratulations on being open about this issue, there are few sites that put the comfort of their readers ahead of immediate advertising income these days. And they all lose more in the long run, and they ruin the business for everyone, since everybody is forced to block all the ads to keep their SANITY intact.

    As for Adobe, I think the targeting of the ad was as wrong as it gets, anyway. They are annoying us enough with their terrible flash implementations for Linux already .
    Amen! SANE ad placement is what counts...Phoronix does not want to lose any ad income, but proper ad placement and type just makes for a better experience for users. I can live with the ads, but just make them less annoying!

    And i agree adobe's ad seemed a bit out of line considering the lack of a decent flash implementation...also maybe Photoshop on Linux