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  • Can't read phonix....

    I can't read and its forums because there is some stupid add that expands and makes a large part of the top of the website blank. Even after the expanding add is retracted again the area stays white.

    I tried using an add blocker, the only difference is that now the complete area stays white all the time. So the add is blocked but the site is still unusable.

    The white area covers the complete forum toolbar, I had to login via the login box in the upper right corner (the login screen that pops up when you want to create a new topic and are not logged in was completely covered by the white area). I also couldn't reach the topic title box via the GUI because it was covered as well.

    Please do something about this, it is a huge annoyance that would stop me from going to this website.

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    Hello Heiko,

    although I am new to the forum myself and not speaking on behalf of the admins, I would like to share my opinion regarding your problem.

    The use of ads is more than likely not something the admins use to become wealthy. I suppose amoung few donations, it is the only way to pay the resources that are required to provide you with free service.

    On the technical site, it would be interesting to know what software you use that obviously has bugs that cause your problem. You did not provide any information regarding the software you use. So its impossible to troubleshoot it.

    The next point is the ad-block piece of software you use. Alternatively, you could try to use the feature of your webbrowser that prevents the loading of popups and live with the other ads.

    Friendly Greetings


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      Same problem here... can't reach the search button because the top banner is blocking the searchdropdown. Problem occurs in ubuntu 9.04 with latest firefox.

      Two sollution for this problem:

      1) Disable images in firefox (i'm currently doing this)
      2) use windows explorer (sorry this seems to work great here).


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        Seems to work fine with Firefox 3.5.3 here (with and without AdBlock Plus).


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          Yes, the details:

          Ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS x86-64
          Firefox 3.0.13
          Shockwave Flash 9.0 r246 plugin

          The add blocker I tried to use (which only was meant to circumvent the problem though, I wouldn't have installed it if the site didn't become unreadable) is SimpleBlock. A very simplistic add blocker.

          Currently downloading Adobe flash player 10, see if that does any good...


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            That new Ad-Banner is very stupid, I can't read the articles, nor can I read the first post in forum and I can't even see the whole reply-box. See screenshots.



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              Personally I think the idea of advertisements is rather silly anyway. If you want to see alternatives for purchase, you ask. If you don't, you just get annoyed at the company for pushing stupid pictures to you that you didn't want to see.


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                Originally posted by dopehouse View Post
                That new Ad-Banner is very stupid, I can't read the articles, nor can I read the first post in forum and I can't even see the whole reply-box. See screenshots.

                Looks like a broken Flash setup at user's end.


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                  Originally posted by nanonyme View Post
                  Looks like a broken Flash setup at user's end.
                  I'm not afraid of the "Play" symbol instead of the advertisement (that is Epiphany and it's god as it is) but my problem is, that the ad's are over the text and over the reply box, so that I can't use the site anymore.

                  Hope Phoronix fix this or better don't use something like this layer-ads.


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                    I don't mind ads on websites at all, but I absolutely hate ads that overlay themselves over the content of the site. I'd take 10 annoying singing and dancing flash ads way before any of the overlay ads or those phony "context links" in key words of the text...

                    That said, I have no issues with the current ads causing unreadable whitespace.