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Today Marks 20 Years Since Starting Phoronix For Linux Hardware Reviews & News

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  • Today Marks 20 Years Since Starting Phoronix For Linux Hardware Reviews & News

    Phoronix: Today Marks 20 Years Since Starting Phoronix For Linux Hardware Reviews & News

    Well, it's been a wild ride to say the least... Today marks twenty years since I started devoted to reviewing Linux hardware and ultimately enriching the Linux hardware experience with more benchmarks, open-source/Linux hardware news, and more over the years...

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    Happy 20th anniversary Phoronix!!

    Thanks for all the hard work that you do and trust me, it is really appreciated.

    Congrats Michael!!
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      Thank you Michael! I've been enjoying your content for just a few short years.


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        Congrats. From the time I discovered you years ago, your site has been my go-to. Many thanks and keep up the awesome work.


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          Happy birthday Phoronix!

          Keep up your excellent work Michael.
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            Happy bday Phoronix and thank you Michael for doing what you do everyday. Keep up the professional work and let's go for another decade!


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              And the sentiment of "normal" people are also changing. I rarely hear "but Linux is just for leet haxxors" anymore, people are becoming Tux curious.


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                Thanks for all your amazing work Michael,

                For so long your work on this website and the phoronix test suite have given us great data, analysis, and news

                Coming to this site always brings me back to my memories of being a kid, starting on Ubuntu Jaunty, being intimidated/fascinated by a terminal, doing the whole Gentoo thing, the whole Gentoo on a Playstation 3 thing and other dumb/crazy things, fighting Broadcom and NVIDIA drivers (wait thats still a thing), funrolling them loops, finding sites like this with people on the same journey.... back when computers were fun

                I'm very sorry that adblock hits websites that serve a technical audience more harshly than those that serve the masses (who would allow their loved ones to use the internet without adblock). Please whitelist this website and others from small creators/companies that actually respect your screen space etc, its only a few clicks.

                Also long live PHP and vBulletin, you've held out so long its headed all the way back towards being retro and cool again
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                  Congratulations Michael, and thank you for all the hard work over the years!


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                    Congratulations Michael, thank you for making such a wonderful site!