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Please The Chef With Linux & Phoronix

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  • Med_
    Sorry but i find this article a tad bit sexist. I know many men more interested in cooking than in linux and a certain amount of women more interested in linux than in cooking. Besides at home, chores should be shared, i do not see why cooking stuff should only be given to women.
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  • phoronix
    started a topic Please The Chef With Linux & Phoronix

    Please The Chef With Linux & Phoronix

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    If your wife has been upset with how much time you spend on our forums, that you subscribe to Phoronix Premium, or that you always occupy her computer by running the Phoronix Test Suite on it, fear no more! Just send her over to the newest web property that's managed by Phoronix Media, Foodstruments. Foodstruments is a portmanteau for "Food Instruments" and this is a site that features cooking gadget reviews, inexpensive cooking tools, and other products for the home and kitchen...