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    Originally posted by mendieta View Post
    Is anyone actually moderating phoronix?

    Aren't neonazi, openly sexist, anti-women, anti-non-white, inflammatory comments way beyound what's acceptable in this forum?

    Apparently not.

    The reason I participate in free and open source initiatives is mainly ethical/philosophical. I have never seen comments or situations like this in other forums (Mandrake/Mandriva back in the day, LUG mailing lists, Ubuntuforums, Kubuntuforums).

    I have no reasons to stay in this forum whatsoever. I won't be part of a group that tolerates nazi speach. I hope I can close my account, if anyone has a pointer on how to do what, it would be appreciated. I didn't see an option in the control panel.

    seems almost cowardice of you.

    First of all I would like to state that 95% of people here are of good heart and the others are too scared to speak out. Now im no mod im just a user, but at a personal level I believe anyones comments or ideas deserve to be heard if they can back it up. This is one of the principals of democracy itself. As for the enforcement of the rules: Just because such listed rules are poorly fallowed doesn't make phoronix a bad forum, just like lax (basically none) marijuana enforcement doesn't make Canada a bad country.

    In all honesty you should leave. If you dont feel like you should be among this group then the logical choice would be to leave. But thats my opinion, you are a free mind so think for yourself. Don't take what I, or anyone else here has to say to heart because it doesn't coincide with your own beliefs. Dont bother to dispute them with reason and evidence. Outside the internet many of us go to establishments where we can express similar beliefs. We call them churches, mosques, temples ect. I recommend you find one where your own ideas will be widely heard and accepted.

    One of the principals of free software is, well, free.

    Never have I come across a board with a pluralistic population. This isn't regressive or arguing - its progressive and enlightening.



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      I like Linux... and cooking.