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Celebrate Phoronix's 19th Birthday With Phoronix Premium For Just $19

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  • Celebrate Phoronix's 19th Birthday With Phoronix Premium For Just $19

    Phoronix: Celebrate Phoronix's 19th Birthday With Phoronix Premium For Just $19

    On Monday, 5 June, will mark 19 years since I started to focus on Linux hardware reviews...

    Phoronix, Linux Hardware Reviews, Linux hardware benchmarks, Linux server benchmarks, Linux benchmarking, Desktop Linux, Linux performance, Open Source graphics, Linux How To, Ubuntu benchmarks, Ubuntu hardware, Phoronix Test Suite

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    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    To get the discounted deals of $25 for a year subscription or $140 for a lifetime subscription,
    Which are the correct prices? $19/$100 or $25/$140?


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      Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

      Which are the correct prices? $19/$100 or $25/$140?
      Whoops, copy paste fail, 19. Thanks.
      Michael Larabel


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        Just grabbed the long overdue lifetime subscription. Thanks, Michael.


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          Happy Bday!


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            Just signed up as well today. Thanks for your work on Phoronix.


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              I'm curious if the vBulletin ignore list bug here on Phoronix forums is ever going to be addressed. I would have helped Michael to fix it and I'm ready to talk to vBulletin but looks like someone simply doesn't care. I cannot open a support request on my own as they require the licensee information. The issue was first reported seven years ago. I guess there are more pressing issues.

              I've also requested to add the delete tag, something like [s] or [delete] or anything like which takes a minute to do but again, more pressing issues. Sorry to intervene and have a nice day!


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                I'm thinking of signing up for permanent access tonight when I get off work. I love this site and the work Michael does! No one covers the open source operating systems like Michael does! He covers not just Linux, but all 4 of the major *BSDs as well as niche operating systems like Hiku and ReactOS! Keep up the good work sir!


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                  I'll buy a second lifetime if Phoronix moves away from vbulletin.

                  These spam filters are out of control.

                  vbulletin is a relic of a age long gone.


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                    I wound up reupping for another year! Maybe finances will let me buy life time before long! Here's to the work you do Michael! Hopefully you can find some time for some more *BSD benchmarks sometime. Also, I would love to know why FreeBSD 14.0 is delayed!