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Unapproved posts: how does this work?

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  • Unapproved posts: how does this work?

    I'm a bit confused how this site works. Do the first x posts have to be approved by a moderator before they are visible?

    I posted a comment in the OpenZFS topic, but it is now a while ago and still 'unapproved' which means it is invisible to others i believe.

    When approved, it may already be on the previous page and not seen by the person i quotes to.

    So how does this work? I can post a few simple posts here just to get through the beginner post approval status?

    I'm not criticizing policy here, i just want to know what i am supposed to do. Thanks.

    PS: there was an issue with my account where i entered the wrong email address. Michael quickly fixed that for me after contacting him via the 'Contact Us' link, thanks again for that! I was wondering if this had any influence on the issueof unapproved posts?

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    The first ~5 posts need to go through mod queue for new users just to verify no spam bot / account setup just for flaming, etc.
    Michael Larabel


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      Yeah ok i understand, thanks for clearing that up!