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  • Ignore list is broken

    Ignore list is not functional even on forums. I have updated my ignore list with two users but I am still seeing their posts. Screenshot attached.

    The forums seem to suffer from that vbulletin bug. There are two people on my ignore list. I am not only notified when they reply to me, but I am shown their comments. Please arrange to have this fixed.

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    ... or ya know, you could just ignore them yourself ...? It's just words on a screen after all ....


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      Originally posted by kcrudup View Post
      ... or ya know, you could just ignore them yourself ...? It's just words on a screen after all ....
      I have been advised by my doctor to avoid such things since they can be detrimental to my mental health, so they are not necessarily just words on a screen. It is also easy to start reading before realizing who was the author.


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        It's still broken, i.e. it simply doesn't work, i.e. no one is actually hidden/ignored.

        I will bump this topic daily from now on.

        It takes a single support request to vBulletin to get this long standing issue fixed.


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          This was first reported 7 years ago for Christ's sake:

          I noticed that I could see posts by a user that I had on my ignore list. I double checked and they were still on my ignore list.


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            And three years ago:

            Every couple of months, I go to add someone to my Ignore list - and every time, I realise when I get there that it's the same guy I already added months ago. Am I missing something, or does the feature just not work? Thanks.


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              bump, ignore is not working, I just added a user to ignore list and all his posts are still visible in the thread I am reading


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                Still not working as of October 2023


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                  Still not working as of November 2023.


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                    The ignore list works about as well as Michael's missing forum policy on use of vulgar language in posts. The current message box used with the "Flag" choice shows he simply does not care or can't be bothered by it.