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No way to be notified of new articles?

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  • No way to be notified of new articles?

    I first tried to add to outlook, but it says its not a valid rss source. I think it might be because it has a php instead of a xml extension.

    I then tried to subscribe to the news discussion section on this forum and it says no permission, so is there a way to be automatically notified of new news on this site?

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    RSS is the preferred way... Is there some documentation that says Outlook doesn't subscribe to RSS feeds in .php? That would be extremely surprising... Otherwise can work on other ways to make it work with Outlook but I don't have any way to test myself. Does Outlook work for you with other RSS feeds?
    Michael Larabel


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      I couldnt find any documentation for the error.

      This is the exact error below.

      I am using Office 365 up to date.

      I have some other feeds working, they all end in .xml on the link.

      ZDNet, and pc perspective are two such examples.

      I am open to using another rss client if you have any suggestions.