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  • list test by results

    Tests are listed in columns:

    Test Set PTS Version Uploaded By Upload Time

    Well, how about being able to sort by the results? Like best / worst (since for some test best is the lowest numeric, and for some is the highest numeric)

    Also, it would be nice to be able to search using more fields, for example motherboard (handy to compare a custom built server against a Dell box, in the database as well)

    Also, would it be possible to post the phoronix global database in a compresed form like wikipedia does? Then one could pull all kinds of results.

    Regarding RAMspeed: 3.x.x version supports SMP. It is important for several reasons: on an i7 (Nehalem) platform the memory bandwidth to a single core is about 10GB/s but when one runs the test on multiple cores (four) it flexes the real muscules: 32GB/s (ok I am using DDR3-1666)...

    Just a few ideas.