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    Originally posted by nsklaus View Post

    how can i access mobile version of phoronix ? should i change the browser user agent, or is there a specific url to use ?
    It's a responsive page. Resizing your browser will do.


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      it's a pain to have to resize the browser window each time i want to read phoronix.
      a modified url to force mobile version, or an option to disable these front page images would be better.
      phoronix deciding to put images on the front page is like apple deciding to change macos theme.
      it was great before, now it's a step down to say the least.
      unecessary changes that degrade the user experience.


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        i have found it was possible to block images on the front page and keep them in articles themselves with custom rule in ad blocker.
        thus restoring previous behavior of phoronix.
        so i'm happy now.
        but i still think it wasn't a good idea to add them images on the front page. phoronix was already good as it was, no need for these.