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    As a "Linux Gaming Review Site", perhaps something you could do an article on would be the 'perfect linux gaming system'.

    You have reviewed various hardware components, and even some notebooks, but no 'ideal linux gaming system' has ever been shown.

    After all, it may be possible that the 'perfect system for Windows' would differ in specs (such as motherboard, cpu, gpu, nic, etc) from the perfect Linux gaming rig (due to hardware support or various other performance optomizations present).

    Obviously gaming speed + quality + compatibility + reliability would be important from various angles, but other issues could be raised, such as hardware running hotter on linux causing stability problems, or lack of driver support on linux ruling out certain components etc.

    Pretty much the article could answer the question: "What would the best possible Linux Gaming Machine be today, and what would it cost?".

    Just my 2 cents.

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    The only thing that would possibly differ in the "Perfect Linux gaming machine" compared to the "Perfect Windows gaming machine" would be the graphics card(s). Nvidia has much better support for their graphics cards, and they have much better preformence overall, compared to ATI's graphics cards. A 6600GT is faster (in linux) than just about any ATI graphics card.

    Other than that, if you're going for the "Perfect Linux gaming machine" the same parts for the windows equivalent would be fine, the cpu/hard drive(s)/ram/optical drives have equivalent preformence in Windows and Linux.

    PS: I just realized that the Linux support for sound cards aren't as good as Window's support, so if you get a new sound card for a linux computer that is based on a new chipset, like the X-fi's for example, you'll have to wait quite a while for any support (That certainly does not mean it will work 100%, there could be no support for the microphone, hardware mixing, etc).

    On another note, I wouldn't go insane getting the highest end computer to play games in linux, only because of the lack of games (relatively speaking). The preformence jump from a 7800GTX to a 7900GTX in linux isn't worth it, and neither is SLI currently... but it can only get better



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      This was actually suggested just recently.

      This is something I would definitely like to see. Getting fast components that work nicely together is not always easy.


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        I don't know about "Linux Gaming Website", because Phoronix has always been a hardware site for Linux systems to me...

        But I think it would be neat if there was a dedicated gaming section where games can be reviewed by Phoronix writers (or even us forum members), and we can write tips and ideas. As of now, I think those reviews end up getting mixed with all the hardware articles right now.


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          Well there might be some areas (perhaps video card) that would be easier to pick than others, but many issues are present.

          i.e. which cpu, do you use smp kernels or not (i.e. how do they affect gaming performance with multiple cpus or with dual-core cpus etc) which could yield better gaming performance with older cpus?!?, which sound card (as sound card support varies based upon how well ALSA or OSS support exists for them, or Creative Labs for that matter!). Also with video cards do you go dual, single, which model, does a 7900 trully yield better performance than a 7800 via nvidia's drivers? Does ati have something that actually competes in the driver market?

          Also for motherboards, which boards have better linux support? Do they make a huge diff? Would the ideal motherboard for Windows gaming work well with Linux? Do stability issues arrise? Etc.

          So it's not just "pick nvidia card and stick it in the best windows box (if it doesn't already have an nvidia card) and call it a day) !

          Anyhow, re: phoronix...
          per their title image for the general forums (all forums here for that matter), it says "Linux Hardware and Gaming Forums".
          If you take linux hardware, and add linux gaming, don't you have to at least run into the issue of "Linux Gaming Rigs" ?

          Just my 2 cents.

          Oh and also, a segment on best gaming laptop (notebook computer) Wouldn't hurt either! (since acpi support might make some of the best contenders the worst options in linux! Who knows?!).


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            We'll see what we can do about throwing together GNU/Linux system guide(s) for the shopping season this Winter. It may be a nice tie-in to our graphics AYiR (A Year in Review) articles.

            In regards to the other topic, if you're interested in seeing GNU/Linux desktop and laptop reviews, one of the things that readers can do is contact current Phoronix (site and hardware) sponsors to simply let them know that you appreciate their support, and contacting other vendors and manufacturers to let them know you would be interested in seeing GNU/Linux information and reviews on their products.
            Michael Larabel


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              While not quite a "gaming system", in the coming weeks we will begin look at LIX Systems and their HTPC Linux machines. Their current products can be found @

              Look for those HTPC system reviews shortly.
              Michael Larabel