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Phoronix Turns 17 Years Old This Week

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    Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post
    Congrats for 17 years.

    Looks like it's a meaningful day for both of us. Today is the 5 year anniversary of me getting my cat Sparky...Spark Plug.

    These are my first pics of him.

    And y'all get some extra cuteness because the Google links quit working and I had to fix them:

    I certainly start to believe that a successful running forum does not exist without cats. This can be stated axiomatic.


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      Originally posted by baka0815 View Post
      CochainComplex you're allowed to drink beer when you're 16 here.

      I know that this is true for the most European countries. At least here in Germany. But US as well? I have heard there are even states where you have to be 21 to get allowance?
      The majority of the states are 21 and up. The rare minority are the few states where the drinking age is 18. The kicker is they sell low alcohol beer in the 18+ states so you're better off going across the border and having someone 21 buy you beer. It can also be a big contributor to underage drinking statistics; you also have to read statistics closely because of that. Some of them count 18-20yo adults in underage drinking stats since they're technically under the 21+ drinking age.

      In the US the drinking age was an ultimatum tied to highway repair funds back in the 70s. If the states wanted highway repair funds they had to increase the drinking age to 21. Very few states could afford to repair the national highways on their own so the drinking age increased for the majority of the US. Louisiana was able to stay at 18+ due to them having legalized gambling. They use gambling taxes to fix their roads. That's the only 18+ drinking age state I know off-hand.

      Even today they can opt to go back to 18 but they'll both lose the highway funds and the stupid masses will act like they're trying to give kids drugs when it's just giving back the freedoms they took from us.

      Once they take your freedoms you are unlikely to get it back. They're even harder to get back when the freedoms you lose are tied to the first three years you're given actual freedom and the ability to do something about it....and based on election timing there's a 50% chance you won't even get to vote on issues for up to the first two years of being an adult. By the time you're able to start a campaign, get enough traction, yada yada you're already 21 or 22 and they'll call you immoral or a pervert for trying to get 18yo's drunk.


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        Wow, 17 years!

        I think that I have been reading Phoronix for most of that time. I started seeing links to it pop up all over the place thanks to the benchmarking. Many people complained that Michael was doing it wrong! But no one else was doing it at all!

        Thanks for the great content Michael!


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          Happy birthday! And thank you for making this great publication.


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            Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post
            Once they take your freedoms you are unlikely to get it back.
            Ne'er a truer word spoken.

            Love the cat pictures, BTW.


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              Happy Birthday. I've just subscribed. Been putting it off for years because of the need to have a forum account, but it's finally done! Thanks for the great site.


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                Congrats Phoronix!
                Keep up the good work Michael!


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                  Happy birthday Michael, get some rest and keep up the amazing work!

                  Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post


                  and by the way phoronix is 17 years old now and 17 in alphabet is Q and Q means Freedom of Speech!!!
                  Q like Qeedom of Queech?