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What about a phoronix wiki?

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  • What about a phoronix wiki?

    Hi everyone (especially michael),

    lots of things happen in the linux graphic world. it is very hard to understand and to get information about the whole process. wiki doesn't have many end-user information, information about vdapu etc.
    in nearly every thread people are asking weather this is concerning gallium or mesa (dri vs. drm etc.). however, there are people who try to answer their questions (mostly in a really good way). there are lots of interesting posts all over the forum. so i think it's time to collect these information in a "good" way.
    what about a phoronix wiki? it could give much information about the whole things. perphaps sync with wiki etc. is possible or to share stuff between both.
    what do you think? or is it too resource intensive (spam etc.)? don't know weather this question came already up here...(search did'nt find anything).
    nice to hear your answer,
    best regards,

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    In most cases I think the problem is not a lack of wikis but a lack of time to keep them up to date. We would update more of the xorg wiki pages if we had time.

    What might be useful though is a "meta-wiki" that pointed to the right sections in other wikis for all the topics covered by Phoronix, ie maybe one paragraph plus a few links for xorg, and the same for each of the other areas.

    EDIT - just noticed your post about using the wiki to link to various threads within Phoronix - I think that *would* be a good idea. I'm not a big fan of sticky links and this would be a good alternative.


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      well, the *stucture* of such a wiki is another thing to think about (also to have a central point to explain graphic apis such as openvg, opencl, vdapu, xv; drm/dri, mesa (link to all mesa-related articles from phoronix) and so on...).
      i think that a wiki is the best method to reach lots of different people, collect information in a fast and visible way for enduser/power user who want to understand the x mysterium. (even if we'll just put all your comments together in a short text )
      perhaps like a big knowledge base or a faq with different topics.
      if there's a chance, i'll do more brainstorm here. but it was just an idea which came up 2 hours ago while i was reading one of your comment in the news section.(while i admired your patience and your will to share your knowledge even with new/uninformed people again and again. but a wiki is a nice thing to link to, too )
      and if michael adds a link to the wiki under each report/article, there'll probably some people who will add smth.


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        Yep, some kind of wiki (that is kept up to date, and yes, that needs people who write) would be fancy for all the Linux/Unix tech. Explanations which thing does what and maybe some practical howtos for setup and configuration of the described component. Esp. lately there was a lot of development introducing new stuff, graphic, audio and misc..

        The Gentoo wiki had a lot of good stuff, even some other distribution folks linked to it since it often contained some generic procedures that would probably work everywhere but sadly it lost a lot of content and is still awaiting a larger rewrite.
        Though Gentoo dev / maintainer team is considering the idea of having an official Gentoowiki (the old one was a Mike Valstar "fan project" (it was his hoster who didn't pay some bill and went closed and Mike not having any access to the servers and also lacking a recent out-of-serverhouse backup)).
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