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  • Performance Comparisons - GCC

    It'd be interesting to see some compilation times in the (other than that) great reviews performed by the Phoronix team - there should be a specific couple of GCC-Version, and, say, a Linux Kernel snapshot, which is run with its default config via "cd /usr/src/linux/ && make -j$NUMBEROFTHREAD" (where $NUMBEROFTHREADS could be the same for all test (e. g. 4), or a fixed number per core, to make the banchmarks somewhat future-proof). Then again, there could be a second benchmark, compiling the same Kernel snapshot at the time with the most recently released GCC.

    This on one hand would give users a clue about what to buy if they strive to cut compilation times, and on the other hand give insights about the progress of GCC development.

    What do you think?

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    I can't believe noone cares...


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      We do perform compilation tests in many of our articles using GCC. Primarily we use LAME v3.96.1 as the standard application for compilation; however, we have been testing alternative replacement programs to compile as well.

      ~ Michael
      Michael Larabel


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        Colo: what you're asking for is very time-consuming, to say the least.