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November Is Still Bringing Many Interesting Linux Benchmarks / Milestones

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    Originally posted by Michael View Post
    Actually I argue with my wife that Phoronix is still first most important (or tied)... As without continuing to battle each and every day, then I cannot provide for my family.
    Actually, family is the most important thing. Failure to recognize this will result in a failure in personal life. Which will extend it's destructive forces to all facets of one's existence - and that may very well include Phoronix. You see - you can provide for your family in a million ways, which may or may not necessarily include Phoronix (i.e. jobs and careers are replaceable) - but family is not replaceable nor interchangeable. Hope you won't have to learn this the hard way. Also, a career can become a great excuse for not hanging with the family. But the time on this world is limited - use it with great caution.


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      Congratulations to the the wife and you. Was it a boy? Wish you all the very best. Good health and sleeping according to a new routine.


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        Beautiful early Christmas for the Larabels!

        Let's all start the shower. :- )
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          A lot of awesome benchmarking to come! =D

          Congratulations for this new baby!


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            I'm a bit late to the party Michael , but congratulations. Hope your wife and the kid are both doing well, and we understand if the pace/makeup of articles changes.

            Kids change lots of things, but that might just mean a few middle-of-the-night articles get brainstormed or benchmark runs kicked off while using the whitenoise of a server room to lull the kid off to sleep.

            Just remember to enjoy them... when you're not yelling at them