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  • Petition to unban Dungeon


    You have to unban dungeon or else this site of yours is going to collapse. Or rather, the forum aspect of it. The fact that you have decided to go for a straight-out ban only because 2 users who have RAM sticks so far up their butts they don't know what "fun" is anymore complained is fucking annoying. Dungeon portrayed the "fun" element in Phoronix, despite often attempting to derail threads. And even if he tried, 99% of the time he failed as people often just disregarded his comments. You just cannot ban somebody who has been active for a long time without a veracious rationale. All I see on Phoronix forum topics now are boring conversations without any fun factor whatsoever. And the trolls don't do enough; to most of us, that is simply NOT entertaining at all. You have people who pay for your service. Stop worrying about having trolls around and actually make Phoronix enjoyable for your paying customers. I even have ads disabled when browsing your site out of mere respect. Don't piss off anymore people by blocking one fun ass.