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  • New RSS Feed For 9,000+ Reviews

    New RSS Feed For 9,000+ Reviews is on the heels of reaching yet another milestone. By the end of this week we should cross the mark for having indexed over 9,000 reviews and articles! Since the inception of back in June 2004 we have maintained a "global review database" that contains work from our affiliates and other technology websites around the Internet (including ourself). Compared to other technology websites that provide these different links in news postings, from the beginning we have indexed each article independently. On top of the title and link we have recorded any summary/excerpt from the article as well as a logo/article image. However, one of the other areas that we have always focused on has been gathering statistics from each of these articles.

    Our proprietary content management system, PHXCMS (additional information on PHXCMS is available at, monitors web traffic to each of the different areas in this database along with recording how many people actually go through and visit each link. Some of our affiliates may recall back in 2004 when we had even sent automatically generated e-mails on a weekly basis that had showed for each of their articles precisely how many clicks they received from us along with other vital details.

    In the pre-Digg era of 2004 our PHXCMS system had also recognized "popular" articles on an automated basis and delivered that information to the front-page of Our automated system has also kept track of popular categories, searches, and much more (Wayback Machine from July 2004).

    While this database primarily consists of computer hardware reviews, it also contains how-to guides, editorials, and coverage from trade shows. Presently the Phoronix global database indexes reviews and articles from 212 independent publications into 23 categories and at the time of writing we have indexed over 8,900 reviews in less than 3 years! At the rate in which our system currently indexes new articles, our database should surpass 9,000 reviews within a couple of days from now. We also expect to hit 10,000 articles next quarter! Of the articles currently in the database, we have over 90 pages worth of cooling reviews and over 50 pages worth of motherboard reviews.

    However, the reason for this announcement today is to let you know not only are we about to have indexed over 9,000 reviews, but we have finally implemented an RSS feed for this database. This feed is available @

    This RSS feed shows the most recent entries into the Phoronix global database. These entries are not limited to particular publishers (though such an option will appear soon), but from any of the websites that we index meaning that both mainstream review sites and small yet worthy tech sites will be mentioned in this feed. If you're interested in the most recent and up-to-date reviews from around the net, subscribe to this feed. If you own or maintain a small computer website and don't have a dedicated news team, feel free to setup this news feed on your website. This feed will allow your website to be automatically updated with the latest reviews from around the web, without any work from you!

    With PHXCMS-6 we aim to provide dynamic RSS channels for different items in our database, bring back search functionality (we did have a search function previously on so you could search for articles by publisher, title, popularity, and category), and many more features. We will also be considering syndicating this content and opening it up so that any technology website can have read access to our database. As a result of this, you could populate your news section automatically and DIRECTLY link to the reviews while having complete control over all features and functionality (good thing there's no news posters union for the small tech sites out there ).

    While our primary focus at Phoronix is on covering Linux hardware and software happenings, since its inception we have continued to maintain this global hardware database and we will continue to do so. In fact, on top of the upcoming features mentioned in this post we have quite a few new and exciting features coming down the pipeline.

    Outside of the RSS channel, these reviews can be browsed by category @

    You can also view the most recent indexed articles @

    Other Phoronix RSS channels are also available @

    Our in-house Linux hardware and software reviews are sorted @

    If you're a publisher and would like Phoronix to include your site's articles into the Phoronix database, please forward your news to news [at] phoronix [dot] com. Our system will automatically handle it from there.

    We also welcome any comments or suggestions that you have on these changes and what you would like to see in the future whether it be from the perspective of an end-user or a syndicating technology website.

    Best Regards,
    Michael Larabel
    Phoronix Founder/Executive Editor
    Michael [at]
    Michael Larabel