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Stop mixing news and discutions

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  • Stop mixing news and discutions

    I thing it would be better for the forum consistency to not mix news and threads made by user. If user click for example on the forum for Radeon drivers then you see mostly news forum. If you post on that forum and a couples news about amd occur then the thread run away.

    When clicking on Radeon forum, the fact that it show mostly news probably discourage people from using it I mean if you see a page of user threads then your way more likely to read/answer them than if it's a page filled from news forum you already read anyway.

    Moving the news to a subforum in Radeon will encourage user discutions in the main Radeon forum.

    Note I said Radeon but it apply to all forum, please stop mixing news with users threads.

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    I like it all in one place. Easier to ignore.