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two bugs - images & emails

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  • two bugs - images & emails

    Two bugs to report:

    1) emails from the forum are blocked because they have a broken DKIM signature.

    2) linked images are HTTP over HTTPS, thus they generate a mixed content error and they are blocked by the browser (firefox in my case): Blocked loading mixed display content

    for example, the first image on this post (https)
    links to this page (still https)
    which links to this img url (plain http)

    I've tried to contact whatever admin is in the "contact us" page, but nobody seems to be around. Good luck

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    That specific webpage (at least) seems fixed now.

    However this very page still accesses the above 'phoronix' text/logo image via http, as:

    unless of course I set about:config Firefox pref security.mixed_content.upgrade_display_content to true (which makes all passive http requests over https) which also gets rid of the yellow "!" over the padlock turning it green in the address bar.


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      NEVER enable mixed content , this feature is there to prevent some serious exploits. If a page has mixed content then its the responsibility of the admin to fix the page, not to lower the security of the browser.