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2008 Linux Graphics Survey Launches

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  • 2008 Linux Graphics Survey Launches

    Phoronix: 2008 Linux Graphics Survey Launches

    Last year we hosted our first annual Linux Graphics Survey as really the only study that's been done to get a better understanding what the Linux community is using in their computers to fulfill their graphics needs, what their key interests are, and where they are looking for improvements. We're hosting this survey once again so we ask that between now and December 15 you take a few minutes to vote in the 2008 Linux graphics survey. If you're interested, you can see our results from last year as well...

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    how to find out answers


    i think some people will have trouble answering all the questions.

    i have given some tips on the ubuntu forums, but maybe you could add some more generalised ones.



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      For those unknown about some of it, installing the Phoronix Test Suite --

      and then running:

      phoronix-test-suite system-info

      should tell most of the info
      Michael Larabel


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        I just had a look at the lgs 2007 and I think you should change your graphs. All percentages seem to add up to 100%, which doesn't make much sense in a multiple-choice test. Instead the graph for each option should say how many percent of the participators have chosen this option.
        It's hard for me to express, but I hope you understand what I mean,