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Bringing Open-Source, Automated Benchmarks To Windows 10 / Windows Server 2016

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    Originally posted by Eliasvan View Post
    Nice job!

    One remark though:
    why is there a lone "eliasvan" folder in the test-profiles folder containing supertuxkart (, instead of the new supertuxkart profile being incorporated in the "pts" folder?
    I was trying to figure out why the test was failing so on one of the systems where the screenshot happened to be, was also testing from your repository.
    Michael Larabel


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      Originally posted by Michael View Post

      Thanks yeah we'll see. Are lots of the smaller Windows sites still just dropping with like 3DMark, PCMark, and the other popular synthetic tests for the most part? (Ignoring the game tests.) Don't check Windows sites often, but at least for the smaller ones don't recall seeing like any of the real-world language/developer style tests or other interesting workloads that some of the PTS Windows profiles could provide.
      Depending on what they are testing, not entirely sure many of them have proper workflow (i.e. one that does not involve excel spreadsheets).


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        Originally posted by ruthan View Post
        Working windows version, means working gui.. not some half working batch files.. Why W7/W8 is not supported.
        The source is available, I'm sure Michael would accept your patches implementing a GUI and W7/W8 support!